UE4: How to emit particles from one Actor to another?


So, like the title suggest, i’d like to know if that’s possible so i can adjust the length of my effect (some sort of beam but not quite) by moving the receiving actor. Is that possible ?

An alternative solution would be to make the particles to follow a path, like splines, via Blueprint. Like in Unity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ5dSmsggFc&t=258s

yep many options are possible -

  • either set up a quick line trace in blueprints and scale the parts of the effect that you need to to work for where the line trace hits the other actor.

  • or just write the actor posiition to data and do some math to calculate the scales you need.

  • or finally use a blueprint spline to calculate the start and end point.

they all have their pros and cons - depends what effect you’re making?

give it a go and if you get stuck let me know and i’ll put together a little test scene for you

The thing is, i’m not into Blueprint yet. I’m a Unity guy and i started in the industry barely a month ago so a lot of things i still need to learn.

It’s usually the programmer that’d do that but i’d like to know i can solve it on my own first. Hence the question.

The effect i’m trying to make would be like a beam data where you can just set a Start and an End point using actors but waaaay smoother, in terms of behaviour.

you should definitely get into blueprints, they’re so powerful!

i’m going to do some introduction to blueprints tutorials in the next month or two i think so if you can wait it should cover all the things you’re after here.

it sounds like you’re after something like a beam weapon? like mercy or the medic has? if so you probably want to set up a spline mesh component and use that for the main bulk of your effect.

Epic’s content examples has some great blueprints and spline examples so maybe check them out? you can find them on the learn page of the launcher

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I will, it’s just that i’m busy tring to learn C# for the moment :thinking:

Release date is soon and i need to find a solution before that. Quite tough since i’m still a junior (an intern most precisely) and i’m expected to replace all FX made by a previous Senior Artist that aren’t optimized at all and made in Popcorn. Some of them make the FPS drops by half because of that. So i’m trying to find a solution with just the tools provided by UE4.

Plus the Artistic direction is rather vague and there is no GDD/LDD so having an idea on how they want effect to look like is complicated. But i don’t want to make a half-assed job.

Didn’t thought about the content example, i’ll take a look when i have a moment.

Thanks for the inputs btw, appreciated.