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General Discussion

The home of all the great conversations and inspirations we share. If in doubt about where to put your topic, it probably belongs here.

Personal Work

A place for sharing all of the amazing projects and under-takings we're currently working on, and supporting or inspiring others for their current artistic musings.

VFX Marketplace

This category is here to highlight and reward the amazing content for sale created by or for the realtime visual effects industry. All members with a Trust Level 2: Novice or higher are welcome to post content and information here, but please follow these rules: 1) Content should add value to the community 2) Please do not bump your own content without providing new value or context. This is likely to be the biggest issue as this category grows, so we’ll find a solution. 3) Help us keep this community thriving and report spam or abuse.

Resources & Knowledge

Educational resources, presentations, tutorials, notable articles, etc - Questions and discussions should stay in the general category.


The place for sharing and engaging with our community about your job openings.


Because everyone loves great FX Reference!

Technical & Engine Help

A place for engine-specific discussions, questions, or help leaning on the technical side.


Community Competitions, and VFX Challenges oh my!