Oops - the banner broke [It's fixed now 😄]


Unfortunately it seems our banner with featured works has broken, this means that all the cool work people have been posting did not get featured correctly. We’re really sorry about this.

We are looking to get the Banner fixed, but in the mean time, allow me to highlight some of the top posts this month.

Cool concepts for the Spellar Performance

Interesting discussion on sword slashes

Discussion about applying LUTs inside of materials

Crazy Pokémon inspired Fire Blast effect.

Promising first effect, it would be cool to see more people provide feedback

Awesome sketchbook

Jason’s cool article on the use of color in VFX


Looks like the banner is back up!
Thank you for your patience!


How is this logic of the banner anyway? I always wondered how it picks the things to feature.

Top post posted this week I bellieve

The cream always rises to the top

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