My first effect in Unreal : )

Hi everyone! My name is Mo. I’m new to realtime vfx and this is my first try. Feedback and advice on presentation are greatly appreciated! Also, what is the best way to embed a video here?

Higher quality :point_down:
Burn Barrel Effect


welcome to vfx, nice to have you! :slight_smile: great start!
i’m uploading my videos to imgur and show them via by modifying the url by adding “i.” and “.mp4”

Great effect for the beginning :smiley: I think there is not much to improve visually.
I also really like the presentation with those 2 guys talking. Really adds a nice atmosphere to it :wink:


Thanks! I’ll try your suggestion for my next post!

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Thank you! I wanted something behind the flame to show the distortion effect. Glad you liked it!

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