Mr. Costard : Sketch - Spellar Performance

Yooo !

Here is a quick test i’ve got in mind for the Spellar Performance.
The concept feel very stylized but i keep the possibility to got something more realistic.

As usual, as i’m a fucking punk, i’ll probably stick to the concept at 60% (shame on me to be so unstable).

But yeah, that’s it, we will see how it goes.


Sheesh. Your concepts are totally awesome always. Really inspiring me to improve in concepting


Some trails experimentations with automatic coloring based on if it’s the front face or back face


man, i’m glad to hear that, really ! Keep up the good work !

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Will do :3 btw how long does it take for you to make those concepts? I’m curious for both this and frozen one. Kind of wanna know how long this stage should usually take

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Oh, you know i don’t know if i’m a good reference for concept art (and the time spend on it), but it’s max 2 hours for each one (probably less for the frozen one)

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Oh ok, then I definitely need to get more practice as it takes me waaay longer :stuck_out_tongue: thanks!