VFX Fire Blast in Unreal Engine

Hello people! nice to meet you!
I’m new in the community! I’m Marcos, an Argentinian working in Japan as a VFX Artist.
This is my first post, and I wanted to see what you think or think I can improve.
I think the camera to show the effect also lacks a little love haha.





Hi. This is a very strong start and you can go further. As a Chinese myself my suggestion is that, if you want to use Chinese character in your effect, calligraphic typeface would give your effect more oomph. The current typeface you use for “fire” (火) is the equivalent of Times New Roman for English typeface.

Google image “Chinese calligraphy fire” would give you some nice results. Generally the more dynamic of the strokes the better for stylization.


Thanks for the recommendation to use a calligraphic version. I like the idea.

^ yes and…

if you go for a calligraphic revision rather than 火 bounce-in (squash + stretch) The Character could be written as slashes of fire
(in the correct stroke order of course)