Niagara / unreal GDC



It is very cool !!! Thank you for sharing.


Just as an FYI, I recently refactored the static mesh sampling modules to make this type of effect much easier, the changes will be in preview 4 most likely, and involve a sampling module which packs all your data for you, and then location modules to handle the default data but can be overridden with whatever you like in the stack, including sampling from multiple meshes and blending the results.


I had some issues with the tutorial above (making cubes follow a curve)

It seems that in Preview 3 when i add keys, the curve is read from only once. When i edit keys again and move the curve around, and then refresh the timeline, the cubes do not seem to update.



I’ve noticed this with curves as well, maybe a bug? @Wyeth what is the best way to report bugs like this?


Just messing around. Niagara is a drug.



Niagara usecase test.
I think some FX artists want to make like this petals FX.
Artists can make interactive environment FX easily thanks to Niagara! :cherry_blossom:

I am using fake plane collision, it should be GPU collision and normal vector.


Very cool. Interactive fog - it will look very cool.


Recorded a video tutorial for this effect. Much better than the text version that has obvious holes in it. This is my first video tut so excuse the couple bumps I had along the way.


How do your particles keep existing forever?


Quick basic tut on using the spline:


Hello. I can not repeat the standard effect Cascade - p_fire. Can somebody do a manual? This will greatly help beginners in the study of Niagara.


To the Epic guys, can you please make it a setting in editor preferences to turn off orbit mode by default?


I was asked in a different thread how to set up SubUV’s in Niagara. Here’s an all-in-one screenshot:

Houdini Data Interface for UE4's Niagara

I’ll put in a feature request for it



Can anyone shine some light on how to use beams and ribbons in Niagara ?

Some more questions here :

Thanks !


The viewport also doens’t respond to setting a color…



Hehe, sorry i just jumped in here with lots of questions on my first post …

Having some fun with Niagara too, converted this spiral sphere distribution algorithm yesterday.

Niagara will be amazing !