UE4 Niagra_crazy ribbon......why

Does anyone know why the ribbon mesh looks so crazy…

Spawn per Unit not needed

It do’t work well no matter I turn on/off “Spawn per Unit”…

the lifetime…is random…

The default behavior of ribbons in Niagara is to order the particles by their normalized age attribute and then connect them. When you lifetime is random is can cause some weird issues.

You can also customize the ordering by overriding the normalized age binding in the renderer to read from a different attribute, or you can set the RibbonLinkOrder attribute and it will be used instead of NormalizedAge.

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I do not understand the mechanics of the work RibbonLinkOrder. If you are not difficult, please give an example in the picture.

UE4 Niagara DistanceTest

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You should meke sure the Requires Presistent IDs under Emitter Propeties was checked.
then The particle IDs and Ribbon IDs could be transfered to the other Emitters.
The setting is better and easier than before.

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I want to learn Niagara in many ways, but,Video cannot play