Light Renderer Niagara fading out

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Simple question I think but can’t really find what to do… I’m using a Light Renderer in my Emitter so the vfx impacts the environment by being surrounded by a big light. However, even though I have a Scale Color with alpha fading out in time, the light renderer doesn’t follow this rule and disappears suddenly with no fading. It’s not very pretty so I woudl like to find some answers please !
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“Color Add” in Light Renderer is not multiplied by Particles.Color, so in my case I would avoid it as much as possible.

If you want more direct control of the particle light behavior, uncheck “Use Inverse Squared Falloff” in Light Renderer, then set Particles.LightExponent in Particle Spawn/Update to adjust the light falloff/attenuation as desired.

Edit: clarify “Color Add” just adds, instead of multiplies.

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Thank you very much it’s exactly what I needed !! :smiley: :dizzy:

I also posted about this here. I usually cretae my own LightColor that works with the default Color parameter.
Scaling Exponent works perfectly fine as well, of course. Just a matter of preference.

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