Yoeri -Luos- Vleer - 2016 VFX Showcase

I had a blast creating particles last year, and while I set out to create 356 particles… Swamped with work, a concussion, and some other stuff got in the way.
Nonetheless, meeting and talking to the lot of you, getting the know the Interceptor team, being able to help others and receive help, and the UE4 community in general made this an awesome year.

I learned so much, Cascade, the Material Editor, UE4 all feel even more familiar than it did a year ago.
The biggest thing I can take with me though is a better understanding of timing, well… keep in mind that this is not always apparent with the effects created last year, but especially the stuff I created near the end of 2017 feel so much better timing and animation wise.

Not particle-ularly looking for criticisms as its old work, but I do appreciate any advice that can be given while walking this road to the end of 2017 and beyond :slight_smile:
(hence not putting it in the wip/critique section)

Thank you all for the awesome posts/threads, all the tips and tricks passed along, the inspiration, and just being a great community :slight_smile:

ps: not really a “reel”, a proper reel will be made later, and an additional “Rad Rodgers” reel as well.



I’ve been watching your videos to get up to speed on Unreal, they’ve been a real life saver! I love the variety and different styles you explored in your effects.

But I have to say, when that music started, I got a huge grin on my face :heart_eyes:


Lots of fun man. :slight_smile:
Very cool, and good work to do as much as you did even with life getting in the way!
Great work.

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Thanks for the kind comments :slight_smile:

Here is the 2nd showcase, showcasing most of the stuff I did on Rad Rodgers.