Spawning meshes with velocity in beam emitter

Hi everyone!
I’m meeting kind of a specific issue using Beam emitters, I would like to spawn little meshes with their velocity going in direction of the Beam end, but since I’ve been using the beam setup pretty recently, I haven’t really found out how to do that…
I tried putting my user parameter “beam end” into my mesh velocity’s cone angle, but it’s not following the positions. Also tried making an user parameter of the beam start and tryingthe same thing but it’s not working neither.
I guess it’s not the most complicated thing ever but I don’t really find the logic for the velocity here :sweat_smile:

Thank you! :dizzy:

A very useful bit of vector math to know: subtracting two positions will give you a vector that is the direction between them.

I’d recommend making a scratch pad module where you subtract the start and end points of your beam, normalize the result, and output that vector. Then you can freely use that output to add a linear force.