SmearKees VFX Adventure



And here the final effect, I am actually really happy with the result of the effect. It turned out better then the concept in my opinion!


Hi everyone :smiley:
This is a new shield effect that I started. In the beginning of the effect I struggled to change the effect colours to a darker tone but this was due to an Additive shader setting, so I changed it to alpha blended after someone told me what the fix was.

I’m planning to create alot of effects in the future that are focussed on League of Legends. Here are the initial concepts I had in mind, my plan with these effects is to go for a fire feeling.

Already some in engine stuff :smiley:

And as always feel free to drop your thoughts!


Update Update :D. I added a ground crack after the shield erupts together with flame flipbook that I created in Adobe Animate and added some extras in Photoshop.

The glow on the bottom has a weird cutoff, the depth function is not solving it so I’ve to figure out why the cutoff is weird.
During the implementation of the flipbook I already came up with a few ideas like a little fire orb, could be nice for a projectile :smiley:!

Front Projectile idea:

Feedback is always nice :slight_smile:

Final Version, lets see what kind of effect I want to make next. Maybe another one from the concepts I recently posted :smiley:


Lets start with the new VFX, the bombmine :smiley:
I’ll take alot of inspiration with this effect from Jhin and Ziggs his kit. Lets see how it goes :slight_smile:

First VFX try:

Feedback is always good!


Looks cool, but there is a problem with the plane. I don’t know what this really is, but maybe plane render layer (or something same) is higher than some layers of VFX ?
This is very noticeable and constantly distracts from the VFX .


oh snap, I forgot to post the fixed version of that one :smiley:. It had to do with a render setting that was wrong in my particle system :slight_smile:

Here the updated version!


I changed up some colors to make it more darker inside and lighter on the outside, so the player has a clear feedback what the area of effect is. So far I like where the effect is going, for the initiation/placement of the bomb I’ve to see how I want to do that. Maybe a nice little lens flare to start it off.

Feel free to drop your thoughts or feedback :smiley:


Little update on the windup of the bomb animation, also added a simple animation for the bomb how it pops up


Also the rough traditional flame animation :D, forgot to share it


Little Update on the smiley bomb, I’m still not happy with how the windup goes it’s not “juicy” enough. I also added the explode from the bomb mine, planning to create some nice meshes where I can pan the slash textures on.

Feel free to drop feedback or tips/tricks :slight_smile:


There are so much nice little details to VFX, and when it all comes together it looks so cool!
Tweaked the timing together with some updated textures, blurred them more and changed the shapes to give it a more OOOMPFFH feeling!!!

Feel free to drop your thoughts :slight_smile:

League of Legends background:


Kaboom! here’s the final version. And ofcourse I couldn’t leave out the traditional effects part at the end.
@Sirhaian his League of Effects fan art is a great resource file for all the amazing elements that build up VFX. Thanks alot for sharing it!

Lets move on to the next effect :smiley:!


Updated the fireshield effect!!

I had some amazing feedback points from @Keyserito regarding some timing and overuse of too much GLOW.

Also other things that I changed/tweaked during the process:

  • Ground Crack redo
  • Change of frame by frame fire usage
  • Removed the weird slashes that were at the start and end of the effect

Amazing how an effect can change so much with just a few feedback points!


Amazing work, Loved those little flames in there <3 it that a spritesheet?


@Parag_Ponkshe thank you :D! Yes it’s a spritesheet, here is the rough animation of the fire embers that I created :slight_smile:


I’m currently updating the smiley bomb vfx with some awesome feedback, recreated the smoke and added some nice electric effects. Together with some nice timing adjustments!

After I was done with the frame by frame electric I had the idea of a Electri AOW attack where all players get damaged when they step in it. Still a rough idea but I like to share it :smiley:

And here is the new version :smiley:
I got rid of the panning texture in the middle and instead added a 3D mesh that creates the illusion it’s going down. This was able due to Kevin leroy his explenation about the cameras in unity!


Teach me your awesome 2D VFX animation skills senpai :new_moon_with_face:

Great job!


aaah man, thank you!
Share your stuff and I’ll gladly help you :D!


@SmearKees I don’t think linking to the discord video files work, they’re showing up as broken links for me. I like the look of the gif though, would be nice to see the updated version :slight_smile:


Aah yea, I see right now that on the mac and my phone it doesnt work. I’ll fix it :slight_smile:! Thanks for the headsup