SmearKees VFX Adventure



I started with Special FX in a traditional way, and right now I want to start to combine this together with Unity particles to push my effects to the next level.
I’ll drop all of my work here and I would love to get some feedback on my effects :smiley:!


This is my first approach in Unity, right now I’m testing out all the tools in Unity.
[Electric magic Test1 ]


So for reference I’m looking at the dark star thresh skin fro league of legends, here I try to feel like the orb is a blackhole. As you can see I removed the yellow lightning and pulled it more to the color of the orb to give the feeling it belongs to each other, if you’ve any feedback color wise would be amazing.



So far I’m having alot of fun in Unity, I try to make a variety with effects in the beginning to get the hang of Unity. I still have to learn alot about shaders etc but I’m curious how that will work out. I think I’ll add ghost face sprites that twist around the tornado.


I removed the wispfire and added some ghostfaces with trails, I kinda like it!


And I made a much slower ghost version.
Since I saw that shaderforge is free now I’m gonna try to dissolve the ghost sprites :smiley:


I’ve been very busy with setting up my freelance network and already working on a few projects.
So here I got some traditional FIRE for everybody!!!







Trying out a new style and combining it with a simple flame fx…, soon some new updates


Conceptualizing the Tentacle effects, get an more indept look about the character at my artstation :