SmearKees VFX Adventure



Hi everyone!

Recently I started a pretty big project together with a good friend of mine. We both play a lot of league of legends together on the botlane. My friend is a huge fan of the champion Bard and wanted to create a new skin together with some VFX.

We found the amazing Soulstealer Bard skin concept made by RiotPenguin. We were just so excited to create a dark/horror skin for him :slight_smile:


I immediately started to explore with some concept sketches to get a feel and certain mood for the creation of the VFX. Along the way I’ll share more and more updates, but for now I want to show the concept for the Q skill :slight_smile:

Q Attack:

First VFX:

I’m still figuring out how I want to visualize the front projectile, if you’ve any feedback points feel free to share them!

Bard has a pretty huge kit when it comes to VFX so I am a bit overwhelmed haha. But I am very excited to create an awesome spooky new skin for bard :smiley:

Hope you like it!


Back with a new update :smiley:

So for the projectile I changed up some colors and made another effect for the head of the projectile to make it more spooky (spooky sounds…)

Next up I wanted to already start with the chimes for bard. For the chimes we thought it would be cool that bard gets his powers from the famous “helmet bro”. Helmet bro is well known in the League community and we think this is a nice add-on to the Soulstealer Bard skin.

Together with the chimes I also created a nice trail that Bard gets when he grabs the chimes.

This is a lot of fun !


Spooky! Looking good so far! :+1:


Thanks :smiley: I try to make it the spookiest from spooky


Bard can shoot his spooky spells now towards Warwick :D, better watch out for his Q hit.
Started with the Q hit for Bard, also trying out small color changes too see what fits best for this skin.

Feel free to drop your thoughts :D!


New updates :slight_smile:

Made some tweaks to the Q clash and stun VFX. Now Soulstealer Bard has a Visual for his stun :smiley:

Next up I also made a small start for the Shrine VFX of Bard his W skill. We made 2 different versions and I’m curious what the awesome vfx artist here prefer the most.

Feel free to drop your thoughts :smiley:!