Personal Progress FX - Chris Nordgren

Looks great and i really like your style. How did you do the lightnings? Just random single lightning textures or sprite sheet animation?

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@iNoob Thanks!

Thank you, the lightning is a 4x4 spritesheet made in Photoshop. One lightning arc is a animation of 4 frames. I think one particle plays through the whole 4x4 animation . Because the lightning is so fast it feels like the lightning strike actually has volume. I think the texture is about 64x64 but with glow it looks more high res.


This is my favorite thread to creep on ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Always such great inspiration every time I check back. Thanks for the many updates!


Thanks, appreciate the kind words a lot @Keyserito !

I will be keep posting more experimental things here in the future. Those last posts really belong in the assetstore thread I made. (Unity AssetStore FX Packs -EffectCore - Chris Nordgren & my mighty effect crusade)

Personal update:
It seems that I will be going full-time freelancing artist after march 3rd, its quite a mess how that happen but regardless in the same time it is quite exciting, possibly will update more on this later!

Hopefully I will be able to make even more effects now that this freelance venture has become a serious thing. I still feel like a rookie in many aspects, but I do feel that I have found my niche.


很厉害 学习了~ Very hard to learn ~ 非常に強力な学習〜

Fantastic work Chris, Specially the character ones with swords is amazing. Keep it up!

good,This effect is very helpful to me.


But not impossible! :slight_smile:


Glad it was helpful you!

Been working a lot lately so its been quite in this thread, my last week before going fulltime freelance :slight_smile:


Hey @ChrisNordgren, do you ever have issues with sorting when you make these kinds of things? I’ve tried making multi-layer projectiles using meshes and sprites before, but they only ever look good from one direction (towards camera or away from camera)

Not sure what towards camera or away from camera means.

But using layers and sort modes should solve those issues.

also: Have a different renderQueue on the material.

also: You can also have the shader on higher or lower ZTest inside the shader.

or worst case scenario re-position the gameObject with the particle system if possible so its behind etc.

I think those are all of my unity sorting issue solutions I could think off.
I hope that helps you

don’t forget fudge

Order in layer is a hard priority like queue without having it be material based; rather emitter based (and is excellent at ensuring batching).

Fudge will let you push and pull based on distance inside a layer order, (though the screen space logistics is spurious; IIRC it is supposed to be world units and -n is in front, while n is behind)


Towards meaning the effect is coming at the player, vs Away meaning you are shooting the effect and seeing it travel away from you

The listed suggestions should work for those scenarios aswell thou!

Thanks for clarifying @Torbach ! :slight_smile:

Wow it looks amazing. How did you do the shrinking and dissolving of the beam at the end of the effect?

For that specific effect I just transformed a particle (Size over lifetime), but I recommend using a lineRenderer instead:slight_smile:

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I have been super busy these latest couple of weeks doing freelance taking a lot of jobs.There is still a lot but for now its good

I made this knight character for a client a couple of weeks ago with a bunch of other animations aswell but I could share this one.

Pixel art FX are the best


Chris, I love your unique style and the quality and how you keep your art simple and readable! Nowadays, It’s really difficult to find good cartoon stilistic adopted to 3d without any compromises, but you did. Great! It looks like a gem!

Thank you @Alexander_Fedotovsky
I still feel that there is some improvements I would love to look into on most effects done here but I am glad that you feel its good stuff.

I have seen your work from the VFX reel and some effects there are near perfection.
I really like that baseball girls super throw:
(Alexander Fedotovskikh - VFX Reel) (2:02)

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New explosion pack coming up, just a gif I made

Expect a lot more pixel art VFX soon


more weird explosions!