Alexander Fedotovskikh - VFX Reel

Hello, everyone!

A few months ago our team released new MOBA game - Planet of Heroes. It was a great experience, fun, and tons of effects, so it’s time to make a new reel. :slight_smile:
Models, textures, and animations in this video were made by our talented guys. Glad working with them.

Hope you will like!


Great reel!
Can I ask you a question? How did you managed to do this kind of effect (on 0:57)? Is it a mesh particle or some kind of ribbon?


Wowowow really nice work! I was framing through some of your effects. Scooter girl intro is my favorite xD

Thank you yarpoplar!
It’s a mesh component with a legacy animation which scrolls UV coords and rotates it a little.

And a shader colorizes a B/W small texture.

Hope it’ll help.


Thank you Petrie! I really appreciate it! =)

i was wondering how the spilling flame of the flamethrower fx was made ( 1:41mins) . Also only 1 mesh ? :thinking:
Also I really appreciate that you have some 2d fx anims in your game ! :slight_smile: It really the quality !


Beautiful, good job!


Thank you very much! It was very helpful!

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Wow, I would have never expected such a simplistic texture made those nice swirls :open_mouth:

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This has inspired me to learn how to do this today, thanks for the post man!

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Thanks a lot guys!

VinceWee, Yes, It’s one mesh with several tweaks. It has texture scrolling, sinusoidal vertex animation in vertex shader masked by vertex R color. Vertex G color is a lerp factor for a color gradient which colorizing mesh making far vertexes more reddish.

Material options:

And for a realistic fadeout I made additional mask set by vertex B color. I hope at least someone noticed it and it wasn’t useless. :slight_smile:


that sin wave looks Up and Down rather than side to side, correct?

I hope at least someone noticed it and it wasn’t useless. :slight_smile:

yes we do ! :slight_smile:

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You’re right. I found that it’s so difficult to make right motion following hero’s animation using just a sin function. Finaly, whole mesh was rotated with an animation clip.

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Nice tips and tricks in here @Alexander_Fedotovsky! Thanks for sharing.

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That is some awesome work! Thanks for sharing the breakdowns :slight_smile:

Do you tend to have plenty of simple legacy animation files? Or do you have a workaround? I’m still trying to find a less painful workflow than creating countless per asset specific animation files.


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Thank you Beneuji!
You’re right. We have many legacy animation. About half of our effects have it. Also often we use scripts for fadein/out or simple constant/random rotation in order to reduce amout of animation.


Thanks @Alexander_Fedotovsky!

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hellow,I am from China. i have seen your game in youtube. and i played. its pretty good!!!
Can i ask you some questions?
1,Is this trail ? or particle ribbon? . i can not make the trail distortion。so ,can you teach me how to do this?
2,do you use the glow or bloom ? beaceuse your game color is very nice.How can you use glow in mobile?
sorry , my english is very poor.

This vfx was made by Anton Shvetsov. I hope he will find time to describe his magic. =) If he doesn’t I will answer your questions later.

All these trails are made by geometry (the mesh looks like a spiral) emited and animated by the particle system, the texture on geometry is a gradient. In general, almost all this is the imitation of procedural trails and glow

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