Alexander Fedotovskikh - VFX Reel


Hello, everyone!

A few months ago our team released new MOBA game - Planet of Heroes. It was a great experience, fun, and tons of effects, so it’s time to make a new reel. :slight_smile:
Models, textures, and animations in this video were made by our talented guys. Glad working with them.

Hope you will like!

Personal Progress FX - Chris Nordgren

Great reel!
Can I ask you a question? How did you managed to do this kind of effect (on 0:57)? Is it a mesh particle or some kind of ribbon?


Wowowow really nice work! I was framing through some of your effects. Scooter girl intro is my favorite xD


Thank you yarpoplar!
It’s a mesh component with a legacy animation which scrolls UV coords and rotates it a little.

And a shader colorizes a B/W small texture.

Hope it’ll help.


Thank you Petrie! I really appreciate it! =)


i was wondering how the spilling flame of the flamethrower fx was made ( 1:41mins) . Also only 1 mesh ? :thinking:
Also I really appreciate that you have some 2d fx anims in your game ! :slight_smile: It really the quality !


Beautiful, good job!


Thank you very much! It was very helpful!


Wow, I would have never expected such a simplistic texture made those nice swirls :open_mouth:


This has inspired me to learn how to do this today, thanks for the post man!


Thanks a lot guys!

VinceWee, Yes, It’s one mesh with several tweaks. It has texture scrolling, sinusoidal vertex animation in vertex shader masked by vertex R color. Vertex G color is a lerp factor for a color gradient which colorizing mesh making far vertexes more reddish.

Material options:

And for a realistic fadeout I made additional mask set by vertex B color. I hope at least someone noticed it and it wasn’t useless. :slight_smile:


that sin wave looks Up and Down rather than side to side, correct?

I hope at least someone noticed it and it wasn’t useless. :slight_smile:

yes we do ! :slight_smile:


You’re right. I found that it’s so difficult to make right motion following hero’s animation using just a sin function. Finaly, whole mesh was rotated with an animation clip.


Nice tips and tricks in here @Alexander_Fedotovsky! Thanks for sharing.


That is some awesome work! Thanks for sharing the breakdowns :slight_smile:

Do you tend to have plenty of simple legacy animation files? Or do you have a workaround? I’m still trying to find a less painful workflow than creating countless per asset specific animation files.



Thank you Beneuji!
You’re right. We have many legacy animation. About half of our effects have it. Also often we use scripts for fadein/out or simple constant/random rotation in order to reduce amout of animation.


Thanks @Alexander_Fedotovsky!


hellow,I am from China. i have seen your game in youtube. and i played. its pretty good!!!
Can i ask you some questions?
1,Is this trail ? or particle ribbon? . i can not make the trail distortion。so ,can you teach me how to do this?
2,do you use the glow or bloom ? beaceuse your game color is very nice.How can you use glow in mobile?
sorry , my english is very poor.


This vfx was made by Anton Shvetsov. I hope he will find time to describe his magic. =) If he doesn’t I will answer your questions later.


All these trails are made by geometry (the mesh looks like a spiral) emited and animated by the particle system, the texture on geometry is a gradient. In general, almost all this is the imitation of procedural trails and glow