Unity AssetStore FX Packs -EffectCore - Chris Nordgren & my mighty effect crusade

This thread will work as a work-in-progress thread in what I am doing about the asset store, feel free to comment and give critique on things you like or do not like. I will be reading through everything

I highly recommend writing comments on FXs or things that would interest you as a consumer to have in your project, I will be posting thoughts and ideas myself in this thread.

My first debut pack: Explosion pack #1:

Asset store link:

DEMO LINK: Stylized Explosion Pack 1 by Christian Nordgren

  • Mobile friendly
  • 3 Different sizes (all explosions are fully scaleable)
  • 6+ presets (more will be coming in updates)
  • Custom Scripts to change colors
  • Modular components

Explosion Types

Colored Explosions:

Modular Explosions, sublte differences you can make


Explosions is something that a lot of games have, so I intend to make more explosion packs with different approaches

I will try to have packs in smaller packs so consumers might be able to pickout what they really need for their project rather than 200+ effects, working with quality rather than quantity will be more of my approach.

There is a high chance I will include all the packs into bigger “ultimate”-packs, but first I have to focus on making the smaller ones.

Any critique or comments is much appreciated because I intended to make more packs so I really want to learn from my mistakes from the previous ones.

I will try keeping my previous thread a bit more open to “personal” progress things: Personal Progress FX - Chris Nordgren


I love these, awesome work!

Great work! The effects look fantastic and the overall package is well made. I’m sure customers will also like the goodies and flexibility you are offering.

Very nice! I predict this will hit the top 10 really quickly :slight_smile:

@Hyrun, @TobiasTobasco @Partikel

Thank you for the nice compliments!

I recently hit a snag with one of the shaders for the mobile, but it is fixed for the upcoming update, lets just hope for a fast review time!

I hope to make a lot more effect packs and I have a lot of ideas stored, I just need find more hours!

I have wrapped up the bullets.
Have made so the bullets can easily be configured into any colors by “game designers”, the ideas is to have 3 presets.
For all projectiles.

Also a little sneakpeek on the railbeams and shotgun!

The melee fx pack is still in review


Hey Chris! I’ve been following your experiments over the months on the Indie Facebook group and I’m super jazzed about your explosion pack in the Unity store… but I’m kinda waiting for the projectiles so that I can change over all my VFX to more bold stylized look at once. I’m doing a top-down vehicle combat game and don’t want half realistic and half stylish in between. I hope the projectiles are coming soon? :slight_smile:

Thanks @PatrickLipo !

I am currently working my last two weeks at my fulltime job. Once I am out of there I can focus on making the effectpacks a lot more.

I have some freelance work I am currently working on which is taking most of my time. Currently I still haven’t figured out what exactly the projectile packs should include. I am leaning on making several packs like

  • Bullets (pistols, shotgun, assault rifles, sniper, snipersight) with all different sizes and possibly remade mobile versions
  • Plasma (plasma projectiles, big aoe plasma impacts etc) with mobile versions
  • Laser (similar)
  • Beams (similar)

Its hard to pinpoint when the projectiles are actually coming because I need to define what they will contain for the moment :slight_smile:

Let me know more of your project and how it the packs possibly help you even more! :slight_smile: You can PM me or write in this thread.

It was ages since I posted.

I have mainly been busy with freelance work.

But I finally got my act together and finished a new Effect pack

The Stylized Melee Pack #1

Asset Store: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making


Your stuff always inspires me Chris! keep up the great work, and keep impressing us :slight_smile:

Thanks Luos, Likewise! :slight_smile:

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More Separated gifs of the effects, because its cool to share!


oh its beautiful !!! :heart_eyes:
I purchased your explosion pack few days back and learned some brilliant techniques. Looking forward to buy this one as well.

P.S. Random question out of nowhere : What software you use to record your videos?

Thanks @iNoob! :slight_smile:

Great to hear! What techniques did you found valuable?

For recording videos I use Shadowplay which I think is exclusive for nvidia graphic cards

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Mainly color changer thing, textures and Shaders. Loved how you used the circle texture
Oh and i saw a sphere with my name lol :smiley:

Btw thanks, I’ll give Shadowplay a try.

Cool to hear! Thanks! :slight_smile:
I got super boosted by you guys in my previous thread so I thought I add the nametags in the pack (:blush:

I am happy you found it!

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Awesome stuff! This is going right into my inspirational folder :smiley:

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Another pack coming in hot!

Assetstore: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making


Killer work man! I always love how impactful your effects are and how cohesive your style always is throughout the packs :slight_smile:

Instantly recognisable!

Super cool Chris! Love your effects.
You have really strong colors, which makes me wonder what type of blending you got on your shaders? It’s not all additive right? Have you perhaps made a sort of blend-add shader?