Personal Progress FX - Chris Nordgren




Some blood experiments!


More blood variation experiments:


I love seeing paused effects and examined in realtime like this, thought you guys would too :slight_smile:


Testing out some funky VFX for another pack


Was experimenting got this funky looking thing, thought it looked cool



Testing more projectile variations


This inspired me to try to recreate a similar effect just for practice. I tried to do it with a LineRenderer instead of the mesh. Would love to hear any feedback… I’m still very much in the early stages of learning VFX.

Edit: Ignore that weird banding around the ball. For some reason uploading the GIF caused that artifact to appear.


Looks really cool! It has this overwatch-cartoony vibe! The lightning I personally feel could maybe be slightly less sporadic silhouette and maybe spawn a little less. I would also say you should build a temp environment, just so the effect does not float in space, it can be little abstract in what you want to accomplish.

Another bigger recommendation if you want continuous feedback then you should start your own thread so you will get feedback there rather than its posted on my personal thread

I appreciate you posting your result here but imagine it would be better for you to make your own :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback man. Didn’t mean to hijack your thread or anything, just thought I’d post it here since it was basically a study of one of your effects. But yeah, I’m planning to start my own VFX journal thread soon :slight_smile:.


Alright, no problem! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see more stuff! :smiley:


Very stylized version of a stylized impact/projectile/muzzleflare

made for mobiles, VR and the rest :slight_smile:


Cube shots for projectile pack


Dark cube shots!


All projectiles at the same time


Released the stylized projectile pack # 2 a week ago or something!


A few VFX freelance jobs I did for a unreal VR project

I did not make the original model, I just did the VFX


Very cool! for that sword re forming, and shattering, was that a case of Vtex animations?


Makes me think of Archer’s swords from the Fate series


@pmiller No vertex animations on these effects. Just disabling mesh and enabling mesh

@Travis Cool! 8)


I did some VFX for

Pretty happy with the dust!
Its 4 sprites in a spritesheet that uses alphacutout shader