Personal Progress FX - Chris Nordgren

I modeled, rigged and animated them myself :slight_smile:

I tried looking for models first, but either found stuff to over engineered or needed work to just fix them.


Still waiting for that review process for my explosions. going to need to contact someone at Unity in wednesday. The documentations said the review process should be 5 work days for these type of work, but the forum said 10 work days.

I am at least in 15+ work days now.

Anyway here is just more test of the melee combat fx

I’ve been mostly busy with work, mostly with freelance, excited to share my work. Sadly I am under NDA ( >: ( )

I have been thinking about making fireworks, just looks fun working with!


I did some comission work, remaking my stylized explosion for a unreal project.
Turned out pretty good!

I also released my stylized explosion pack:


Congrats on the release!

Is there any special method that you use to make your smoke effects or are they just shrinking over time?

Thanks @Hyrun !

Well there are loads of stuff inside but the more unique aspects is that I am using a shader so I can put glow in the smoke so its lit up in the beginning of the explosion. :slight_smile:

Something kind of like this?

Just curious if that would be the right direction :slight_smile:

noo, just boosting the emissive and using HDR on camera + bloom to get a nice glow, just one fluffy sprite

That link you posted is a technique that has been in my to-do list quite some time thou!

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I made a realistic torch effect in Unity 5.5


Could try adding a material effect or additional mesh on the core of the torch?

I’ve seen a lot of blue fire at the root before in reference for these, but can’t find any atm (probably depends on the fuel).

Thank you so much for your posting on Indie Game Devs on fb, for dropping the link to there and for your frequently updated personal progress thread here - it gave me the motivation to start my own thread here! I’m very happy about that, because it feels like this is a very welcoming community where everyone receives a ton of constructive feedback. :relaxed:

I like the style of your effects, I think they are very clear and easy to read! And they are great references also for effects in different styles. :slight_smile:

I’m excited for more!

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I appreciate you digging up reference material for me so I can improve but I will let this one go for now and move into the next piece! I will be doing some reserach on my next-next FX pack, I would appreciate feedback and thoughts for them.

I was initially going to look more into how Uncharted 4 did their effect(, they had a bit more blueish start flame. I think for future torches I will experiment for additional meshes around the torch. If anything I might save tons of particles with a nicely made shader that pans flames combining @Sam’s flame shader (VFX Experiments/Personal WIP - Sam Perzanowski - #20 by Sam) or at least making glowing embers inside the torch fuelpoint just to make it more interesting.

@Foxician No problem at all mate! I have seen your thread and I really like your style, keep posting! Looking forward for more :smiley:


Chris, do you use only Unity for your work, or any paid plugin on Unity?

I think the biggest strength of the uncharted torch is the blend between sprites when “static” and ribbon when moving. Tombraider had a similar thing going on.

I tried setting like that up for unity with popcorn, but I had troubles getting the UVs right on the ribbon to play the flipbook correctly.

@tsunii I use shaderforge which is a paid plugin otherwise I am using free unity

@Partikel Agree,
I think the torch is quite custombuilt so its not really possible to make such a effect with just mere particle/trail editors. I think it could be just easier using joint rigged meshes with flame flipbook texture animation that react to physics (hinged joints). This would take a lot of performance but would probably give a similar result as uncharted 4 flame.

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Got raycast’s working for my upcoming beams.

Looking into making a weapon projectile pack


made some recoloring on the projectiles


Really love the electric feel of those projectiles!

NOW ENLARGED! :smiley:


Wow … So beautiful … <3 ** insert puppy eyes gif here **