Personal Progress FX - Chris Nordgren

Hi my name is Chris and I will be posting FX that I do here.

I will be posting all sort of FX.
Handdrawn pixelart, classic 2D, 3D particles all sort of things

My current reel:

Here is a dump of FX works I do not have in my reel.

Ayablaze (helped out with a few fx for Ayablaze)

(serious sam’s bogus detour)

Hammerwatch 2



currently working on to showcase more fx aimed for mobile:



Dude! I love your stuff. Very nice.

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This is really inspiring! Thanks a lot for sharing. :slight_smile:


great work! keep it up man.

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Thank you all for commenting and showing interest, means a lot.

I appreciate feedback on effects even if they are basic if you got something on your minds!

Here is a basic healing spell FX:

I still got loads to prove myself in the FX scene, I feel comfortable working everything “animation-wise” but not so much in shaderwise, this is something I will look into once I feel I have work that demonstrates my strongest sides.

I know Unity’s shuriken is quite limiting regarding materials & shader animation inside the unity editor, I think that is a main reason I try to avoid using material parameters for my current FX. In Unreal everything seemed connected through bluprint which was awesome.

Currently I will make a few mobile-based-spells in Unity whenever I get time from work and minor freelance-things.


With this healing spell, could you afford more poly’s on the central cylinder? (Or are you keeping it low for art style reasons?)

With The “Explosion-basic” I’m questioning if it’d work better as a spherical initial flash (rather than egg shaped)… and maybe add a bit more time to see the explosion energy dissipate.

Yes very valid points. I think your suggestions would make the fx better, gonna take a extra look into this! :slight_smile: thank you @Doggett

extra edit:
The cone does not have to be as low poly as it is in the moment, there are no real hard restrictions for these pieces but I want to keep to relevant for mobile development.

I will be uploading the previous reworked effects soon
Another fast hit fx, gonna look into the electricity or fire next


Lightning strike! Looking forward to use these new shaders and lightning technique for other portfolio pieces!

Possibly fire next!


I would use white smoke and not dark one. White fits to electricity burn , and black smoke is more of fuel thick burn.
Im intrested how you made the lightning strike btw . Good overall job man :slight_smile:

I think the smoke puffs are suppose to be like “dust-clouds” in this “portfolio world”. But I agree with how you think about black smoke for fuelburn, I might test that for my fire-based pieces that has smoke!

The lightning is made in 3D models with a gradient texture, its based on how Klemen Lozar did in his riotVFX contest (


kaboom! fireball spells!

Might be pushing the “mobile”-specs here. But the fire particles could be reduced, and after its a portfolio piece


Lovely stuff man!

One thing… there’s times where the cards are almost perpincicular to the camera on this last one. Especially with those large vertical elements which catches my eye (drawing a line almost). I like how you did it in your second post. Perhaps aproach it like this again?:

Keep it up dude!

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Yes I have configured some of those elements already, I really appreciate the feedback!
I will probably do a big update on the older fx soon enough! :slight_smile:

Made starwars inspired blue laser! Gonna do few of these just to see what is worth pursuing, learning so much when I just get to experiment like this.


Wow cool, great stuff man!

your Work looks amazing. Keep up your good work. :smiley:

Really digging your style, especially your lightning and fire pieces! This is really inspiring. :smiley:

Did you make the hit points with sub particles ? Or you had any other approach ?

Good job bro.

Looking cool, I’d say add a big soft blue glow on the impact area.
And try making the smoke brighter and fade to the current tone to represent the flash of light fading.