Introduce Yourself! A little about yourselves

Hi everyone, I’m Evans! I come from Tahiti, French Polynesia where I teach computer science and game development. With two of my friends we also just started developing our very first commercial game based on polynesian mythology.

I’m a newbie in the world of VFX and I found this community thanks to Jason Keyser’s video series (which is awesome btw) on YouTube :slight_smile: I’ve been learning Niagara for a month now and I document my learning process on my YouTube channel (in french).

I really hope that one day I’ll be able to make things that are as awesome as the ones I see on this community :smiley:



Hey! Ta’ata Tahiti ? I’m from Rangiroa man!

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That’s cooool! :smile:

Hello everyone!

My name is Eric, currently in school for game programming(Final semester, WOO!). Recently found a passion for the vfx industry and one day hoping to become a succesful tech artist in both gaming and in film/media!

I’m still learning the fundamentals of vfx but have created a few for my large team’s Unity capstone project. A bit rough around the edges but I am here to learn more, become apart of an amazing community and push my limits!

Happy to meet you all!


Howdy y’all!:wave:

My name is Tucker and I’m a Game Design and Development :video_game: student at Rochester Institute of Technology :tiger: (RIT). I’m 38 years old :older_man: and continuing my education which includes an AS in Comp Sci and two years in an animation curriculum studying Maya as well as traditional 2D.

Currently, I’m on a leave of absence to curate my portfolio in search of an internship. I’ve heard about the demand in this industry over and over in podcasts and seminars and believe that my particular art / science skillset will lend nicely to this as a career path.

Follow me on The Twitter. I’m desperate :grimacing:


I love this thread.

Welcome all! hug
Lets make this place awesome!
lights some fireworks


Hi all, I’m Sergio. I live in the UK and I’ve been wanting to learn about this stuff for a long time. I’m going to try some ideas/sketches and post about them here. A big thanks to everyone who shares information on how to make cool realtime fx.


I’m Brittany and I’m an AAU Game Dev Student. I’m studying Technical art, and hope to become a technical generalist. Right now I’m researching Visual effects and procedural pipelines. I was introduced to RT VFX by some of the VFX artist from Riot Games.


I’m from China
I 19 .year.My name is leo (virtual)
Personal workers, I like games, AE, MAX, Unity and Krita and Blender are my friends.
In the years to come close to the game industry, I will study hard.
In 2019, I used AE to work for me.

[This is max]


Hello, everyone.
I’m newbie from Russia. My name is Vera and I’m 24y.o.
I had some experience as pixel artist, but I didn’t like it. So I decided that I’d like to become vfx artist. I’m just in the beginning of that difficult way and I’d like to be part of that awesome community :slight_smile:


Hello ! I’m name is Gabriel and I’m from France. I’m 27, currently converting from a full time software engineer job to VFX Artist by self learning, hoping to constitute a portfolio and find a job !

I already got a bit of work done, but the path is a long one. This community looks great !


I’m quite in similar situation , I’ve also switched from programming to VFX and really happy to see than i’m not alone :smiley: Good luck !

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Glad to hear it too ! I’ve mostly seen former artists branching into VFX, but not always. I’ve had a warm welcome and constructive feedback sharing my work, hope you do too !

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Hi everyone! Just posted my sketchbook in the personal work section, so it felt right to also introduce myself!

My name is Harry, I’m 24 y.o. at the time of writing and I’m a game programmer easing into VFX!
I have a software engineering background due to my degree in informatics and telecommunications, but I was always interested in video games and specifically in the more artsy side.
This lead me to tinkering with graphics programming, then shaders and now VFX, as they satisfy my craving for both tech and art!

I’m also pretty keen on sharing my knowledge and whatever I work with on my website and Twitter account , and I’m open to any questions and suggestions!


Hey guys, my name is João Pedro, I’m 24 at the time of writing (25 next week) and I’m currently a web developer aspiring to become a technical artist. I have been in the past couple of months refreshing my knowledge in shaders and developing my own from scratch through code in Unity. You can check it out here in my GitHub.

I do however love what you guys do in VFX and was inspired by the thread “From absolute zero to VFX Junior in 4 months [Is it possible?]” and decided to use the 3D remake of a game we previously did in a GamJam as an excuse to start experimenting.

As other people around here I also live in the limbo between tech and art and if you guys have any references, be it courses, tutorials, books or other please share! (already dug a bit in that forum and can’t wait for Jason Keyser’s course!!). If you want a few about shaders, you can check the GitHub link above where I put together what I’ve found.

You can also check my Twitter for the occasional share of my progress.


Hello everyone!
I come from China,my name is Aaron.
I am very happy to come to the community with Unity, ae, flash.
my address
Welcome everyone to make more beautiful effects together


Hello everyone,

The name is Jeremy and I am an fx artist at relic entertainment. I have worked in both film and games for the last 13 years.

Looking forward to checking out everyone’s work. I will try and get some personal work posted.


Hi! My name is Vadim, I’m 25. And I’m 3D Modeller.

Now time I really want to become Tech/VFX Artist.
There is my small 3D Artist portfolio .
I hope in the near future, there will be some vfx works)

I am very inspired by all your work guys)
So hello everyone)

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My name is Dominic, 28, from Germany.
I am currently working at PiranhaBytes as the only VFX artist here.
So far it has been 5 Years for me into the Game Industry but I started as a simple Environment Artist before I was asked 2.5 years ago to learn some VFX for our last Project Elex.

My current tools are Houdini, Photoshop, some Substance Designer, Blender and our inhouse engine particle system.

Looking forward to learn and maybe share some knowledge here.



My name is Eri Sawada. I’m working as a real-time VFX artist from 4 years ago, in Japan.
I’d always read this website to watch wonderful VFX sketches, and I decided to join the sketch challenges.

I use Maya and in-house particle system now. And I started learning Unity recently.
I’m really looking for learning a lot in this community! Thank you for reading!