Introduce Yourself! A little about yourselves


Hey Everyone!,

With the launch of realtime vfx, it be great if we could introduce ourselves! Who’s who?, whats your current project? or anything else you want to mention. Lurkers join in!

I’ll go first…

I’m Adad Morales, currently a VFX Artist at Visceral (EA), originally from the commercial/film side of the industry studied at Gnomon School of VFX in Los Angeles, been in the industry close to 3 years now, using Houdini for my offline work, and playing star citizen on the side.



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Thanks for opening this thread up! I’m excited to learn more about cross-industry VFX techniques and meet more awesome realtime FX artists!

My name is Bryanna Lindsey, and I’m a senior VFX artist at Volition. My current project is ‘Agents of Mayhem’ ( which we just announced at E3 this past June. I’ve been making VFX since 2011, but I’ve also done some non-VFX work before that, having done some character animation/rigging work and some environment/world building work before ending up in VFX. I also did some QA work way back when so I have mad respect for anyone out there reading this who is currently in QA or a student but wants to break into making real time FX :slight_smile:

On the side I love playing indie games especially, Kentucky Route Zero is a favorite. I got my ‘real’ start in the industry interning on Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet which is a project that will always be close to my heart.


Hey everyone! Resources for realtime VFX have been lacking, so I’m very happy to see this community being founded!

I’m Chris, and I’ve spent the last year at DICE as part of a incredibly talented VFX team working on Battlefield 1 (which is out in a couple of months, buy it please!!)

Before coming to DICE I freelanced at a couple of indie studios, and did film for a short while. I also went to SIGGRAPH as a student volunteer which was amazing, I heartily recommend that to anyone who’s looking to get started in the industry!

When not at work I’m currently trying to up my game (get it hahaahaha) when it comes to shader programming and general Houdini stuff. I’m hoping to learn a lot from all of you, and will of course try to share my own bits of wisdom whenever possible x)


Hey all, I’m Dave, was a VFX artist in film for about 10 years, switched to games for about 4 years, into my 2nd year in VR where I was heading up a team using Unreal (also doing FX), left recently to start/go fulltime on my own indie studio, which I haven’t posted much on yet… but will.

I love all thing CG & Games. Love learning more about rendering, optimizations, workflows, shader techniques… pretty much just enjoy the whole process of art in realtime, and now with the added complexities of VR.

Worked with Gnomon over the years making Fluid DVD’s before Wayne, and teaching VFX for games.


Why hello thar!

I’m Andreas Glad and you might recognize me from such hits as Rio The videogame, Harry Potter: Kinect and F1 Race stars!
Or, you’ve seen my work at DICE in Battlefield 1 or 4. I mean, I’m fine either way.

I’ve been making things go boom in games since 2008. When I started making effects, the PS2 was still something to care about. (Nowadays only Fifa does that, right? :stuck_out_tongue: ). During this time I’ve been through a couple of companies and more than a few pieces of software. Current tools of choice are Houdini, Photoshop, Slate and I’m getting cozy with the PopcornFX editor.

I’m currently working on my first ever gig as self employed in my company, Partikel. Super scary, but suuuper exciting.


Hi Everyone! I’m Daniel, and I’m a VFX artist at Raven Software!

I’ve mostly done simulation and indie work before this, and still love 3D modeling and texturing on the side. In fact I love pretty much anything to do with gaming or 3D art, period!

I’ve only been doing this crazy game VFX thing for a few short years, but I’m having a blast doing it!


I still have those fluid DVDs around here somewhere. You were such a welcome break after 14 DVDs of Alex Alvarez soothing voice. :slight_smile: You are an inspiration, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got planned.


Hi there!
I’m Bruno Afonseca, currently a VFX artist at Behaviour in Montréal. I’ve been in the games industry since 2010 as a 3d generalist, but I’ve transitioned into being a full time VFX artist in 2013 or so, and loving it!
If you’re curious, you can see my portfolio at :blush:


Hey all,

Really excited to be a part of this community!

My name’s Vidas Rimkevicius and I’m a student at Staffordshire University. Currently in my third year, trying my best to put as many hours into Unreal Engine 4’s Cascade as I can before I start officially searching for an industry job. Currently working on a big project that is currently still hush hush, but will hopefully be able to publicly post about that soon.

As a student and vfx artist, I hope that I can learn a lot from you all, and hopefully one day teach something back to the community! :slight_smile:


Hello World,

My name is Jeremy Kendall, I have been a VFX Artist in the real time segment for over 11 years now. I recently left Volition after a 6 year stint, and I’m now making Call of Duty at Slegehammer games. -Cheers Jeremy


Definitely need the old mission impossible profile pic :wink:



Hello! I’m Jason Keyser, A VFX artist on League of Legends, formerly a 2D FX artist at WildWorks on National Geographic’s Animal Jam.


Ok well I never did this thing back on the facebook group. so… why the hell not now.

I’m Matt Radford. I’m 28. Single. Like sunsets.

I’ve been doing computer graphics professionally since 2010 when I graduated college. I’ve spent time in advertising and weird shitty film pitches at Method Studios and Hydraulx doing lighting/surfacing. Then I got really lucky and got to spend 3 years working as an FX Artist and Compositor at Blur. That was a pretty career changing moment for me getting to do ALOT of work and a crazy high level… it really pushed me and I was never the same. But I grew and wanted a new challenge / slightly better pay ; ). I’d always been a fan of Naughty Dog and after playing The Last of Us I applied on the website because ‘fuck it’ and ended up getting the job. So for the past 3 years I’ve been doing game FX for The Last of Us expansion, T1PS4, Uncharted 4, and now something else. Its been SO exciting to have to hammer down on the algebra and calculus and overcome my fear of crazy technical shit.

On the side I make my own videogame where I try to do things differently because that’s the luxury of free time. I also tend to make weird web projects from time to time. I never keep a formal blog, but my Vimeo channel is my outlet. You can see my random stream of personal work here:

Anyways cant wait to learn and grow with you guys. I’m not too experienced, but i’m officially old enough to be racked with fx artist insecurity about why I don’t sit at home running variable visceo-elasatic geletin simulations in Houdini for fun. We’re all in this together, lets learn!

Matt R


Hello VFX friends! I’m so excited to see this up and running! :sparkles:

My name is Sarah Grissom, I’ve been a VFX artist in games since graduating from DigiPen in 2010.

Formerly: Gas Powered Games, The Amazing Society/Gazillion.
Currently: FXVille.:boom:



I’m Stéphane Nepton, Realtime FX Artist Senior / Freelancer. I have worked as a visual effects specialist in the video game industry for over 18 years. Two years ago, I started questioning my role in this industry, which has been in constant evolution.

After a long reflection, it has come to my attention that the independent video game industry has been losing momentum in recent years: there is a flagrant lack of personnel and of expertise in the visual effect sector. Furthermore, emerging studios are more and more demanding of quality special effects like the AAA studios. Thus, In order to ensure the future and growth of special effects in the indie game industry I have taken the audacious decision of leaving the big studios. In doing so, I plan to adapt and evolve alongside the new and innovative market of independent studios. I wish to change and to contribute to this growing ecosystem by sustaining a AAA quality standard of visual effects.

I firmly believe in mentoring and in the sharing of knowledge among individuals.I am looking above all else to work with passionate, creative and audacious people.

Long live to this site, its a very useful resource for everybody who’s working on this stimulating industry !


Hey guys! I’m Nate Lane. I’m an Associate VFX Artist at Riot games. I’ve been here for about 7 months! Before that I studied at Gnomon School of Visual Effects as a CG Generalist. I like to climb rocks. Looking forward to learning and growing with this community ^^


LOL I just today removed that from all the places it was still lingering.


Hello, I’m Marc Mackin. I’ve been working in Real-Time VFX for over 20 years in games. Started on Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation and Nintendo 64. Worked with Keith at High Moon in the early days. Currently VFX Lead at Daybreak Games working on DC Universe. Hope to see this community grow and work.

  • Mackin


Yessss. Glad to see this is up and running :beers:

I’m Steve Burrichter! I got my start a couple years ago at Side Effects Software working as a Technical Artist. It mainly involved doing bits of research, lots of presentations, and working directly with some devs trying to get their Houdini pipeline off the ground.

Now I’m currently working at Infinity Ward as a Visual Effects Artist :slight_smile:

If you need any help with Houdini stuff, feel free to hit me up!


Edit: Before I forget, SCAD alumni '15. Just in case anyone else mentions :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m iki working as a VFX Artist at Naughty Dog. Been developing games since I was 14, worked at many studios throughout my career but the ones of any note are Psygnosis, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Guerrilla Games and Naughty Dog.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with so many amazing people with extraordinary talents and have made lifelong friendships with them. I’m looking forward to continuing this trend going forward in here.

You can check out my other passion, Photography, on my website