Introduce Yourself! A little about yourselves


Hello, people!

My name’s Charles, and I’m a VFX artist from Brazil. I work with games since 2008, most of this time in simple projects for web and mobile as a 2D generalist, and just around 3 years ago I’ve discovered the VFX, when I was working in a game called Heavy Metal Machines, and I felt in love for the area.

And big part about what I know today, I owe to this community. Thank you, guys!


Hello everyone.

My name is John and I am a budding VFX artist from the heartland of the United States. I have been learning and working with 3D in a serious manner since 2015. I have worked on a few indie projects as a modeler, environment artist, and art lead. I recently discovered VFX as an interest, and am working through learning the specific characteristics of it via tutorials and research. I am excited to be here and hope to have something to show to you soon.


Hello, I realized I have not introduced myself to this awesome community.
Very rude of me and I apologize.

My name is Jared. I work for an online gaming company in South Africa and have worked on shipping multiple games in UE4 and Cocos.
I fell in love with realtime VFX when I started making glowing sprites float about on the screen 2 years ago and from there have taught myself via watching many YouTube vids and through this community.

Thank you again!.

I am slowly building up effects for a show reel that will hopefully be complete soon.


Hey everyone,

My name is Jeremy Baldwin. It’s been far too long since I have been active in any community outside of studio work. A few guys and gals at Bungie had been telling me about this super rad community called realtimevfx. Now I don’t get out much, so it took me some time but I finally made it. I am a fairly open book (unless prohibited by NDA) in lending any aid or collaborative feedback no matter the topic when possible. So feel free to reach out at any point. Stoked to be joining and can’t wait to see all of the awesome work everyone produces.



Hello all, I’m Simon from New Zealand. I’ve been working in film as an ATD in various roles down at Weta digital for a few years now. In my spare time I love to learn about realtime fx for fun, but I’m still in beginner. Especially interested with ways that I can learn and integrate houdini also.



Hello everyone, my name is Spencer, I’ve been lurking on here for almost a year now and have learned a tremendous amount but I figured I should finally join in. Currently I’m a graduate student studying technical art, but VFX and lighting have really become my passion. I’m looking forward to joining the industry professionally so any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks a bunch!


Hey everyone!
I’m Umut Civelek and I’ve just finished my degree for Game Art & Animation, waiting for my bachelor to be decided on! :smiley: While the focus of my uni was on creating 3D meshes, I was always more interested in creating vfx in my free time. Unfortunately, any projects I did with friends from uni never needed a high amount of visual effects, so I had to focus more on creating meshes and visual scripting. After uni, I started focusing on what I actually love, and thats making stunning visual effects! I’ve been on this forum for 2 months and learned so much amazing things, I’m truly grateful for each and every post! Thanks for being awesome, all of you! :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Krystal.

My hobbies are: long walks on the beach, building gundam, petting dogs, drawing anime girls, blowing stuff up.

I’ve been a long time lurker now and admittedly, this forum actually taught me almost everything I know about RTVFX. I previously worked at Archiact VR as a production artist and then transitioned to the sole VFX artist there. I had a lot of R&D time there and played with shader development and painting textures. I now work at Kabam on Marvel’s Contest of Champions with a wonderful team of FX artists!!!

I’ve been wanting to get back into personal VFX development and since I have some time between projects, I’ll probably start posting a lil sketchbook of stuff. But yeah, I specialize in 2D animations and shader magic. I loooove seeing hand painted stuff on here and would love to see more of it!

I’m excited to see more magic from this community. :sparkles:

Feel free to PM me about random stuff!!!


Hey, my name’s Kevin

I’ve been studying game development for three years now and I’m about to graduate from Falmouth University with a Game Dev Degree. I’ve mostly been working with art both 2d and 3d but this year I’ve fallen in love with VFX and I’m spending most of my time studying that at the moment and doing my best to apply that to the game projects I’m involved in. Here’s a link to my current website

I’ve been lurking on this site for quite a while and all of you here have been incredibly helpful. And I can’t wait to continue interacting with you all, getting better as I go. And hopefully one day I can be the one helping some noob get that much closer to their dreams.


Hey everyone,

My name is Tom francis and I work in Vancouver Canada. It’s about a year since I got into RTVFX and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I think we can all agree that this is the coolest job ever. :smiley:

I enjoy making VFX of all styles and type, especially the more animated and stylized ones. To me the most important thing I try to nail is the balance between detail and readability.

If you are a local let’s get in touch, I need more VFX friends to show me some new tricks!



Hello everyone!

My name is Linus and I have been lurking here for a little while now. I finished my education in 3D modeling recently but since I also really enjoy programming I discovered VFX was something that fit really well. Have only been focusing on VFX for half a year but during this time this site has helped me a tremendous amount.

I am now looking forward to being more active and to actually start sharing my works here. :smile:



Hello everyone!

My name is Reymond and I’m student at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde in Philippines with a Game Design and Development course. I’m 3D Environment Artist with no VFX background or knowledge.

I’m happy to be here and introduce myself to all of you. Right now, i don’t have any vfx to show but someday i might post. I enjoy seeing some good vfx like league of legends, Gigantic, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 vfx etc etc… These games inspired me to explore vfx and join community like RealtimeVFX to learn how to approach vfx and guide me. Also, to gain new friends and share each other’s work. :smiley:

I’m excited to see more good effects and looking forward to post my works here and get a feedback. :laughing:



Heyo everyone!

I’m Alex and I graduated from University of Central Florida with a Game Design Degree. I’ve been studying VFX on and off while at University until I decided to pursue it full time as a career once I graduated since it’s so much fun and aligns a lot with the tools I want to learn and use in the field.

Currently I work in simulation as a tech artist, but I hope to transition into doing VFX for entertainment in the near future. I just recently finished a new tool that I’ve been working on these past few weeks that i’m in the process of publishing and will definitely write about it here soon enough. Currently learning Houdini and have been having a ton of fun with it!

I’ve been browsing here and lurking on the discord for a while and I’ve been learning so much and am hoping to be a contributing member here as well!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter and check out my website where I have most of my work:




Hi folks,

I’m Chris and I have been making games for a long while now, currently at Creative Assembly in the UK.

Most recently I was Art Director on Total War: Warhammer, and Warhammer II, and now I am overseeing creation of art content for all our Total War games. They have called me Technical Art Director but the emphasis for me is still on the art.

Hands-on work is less abundant being in charge of a team (all the analogies about nailing jelly to a wall / herding cats are relatively empirically based, it seems). Usually I get to do the fiddly stuff which nobody else wants to touch. Often that overlaps with vfx and while our in house tech is a little creaky, it is capable of decent results and i have enjoyed tinkering.

Anyway, why am I here? Well, simply put, I love vfx. I think the difference between a 10/10 game and something 5/10 and forgettable is all down to the experience. So much of that comes from the effects, shaders, timing and if there is one area of game art which I can plunge both of my hands into and have a good rootle around, it’s this.

I hope to learn from y’all, and try to give back as much as I take if not more.




Hello everyone~!

I’m Curi Lagann, I have worked in many many industries and have been working in games for about 4 years now

I’ve worked on indies like Read Only Memories, HiveSwap, and helped run conventions in the games circuits

I am currently working full time on freelance projects in the indie sphere, but am looking to specialize into VFX! I’ve had a really good learning experience so far, and hope to move into it full time soon C:

I am mostly on twitter, I make a lot of art, and I’ve almost hit a year with my personal comic I’ve been making and publishing!

Thanks for helping me learn in such a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, I hope to learn more with you all


Hi everyone!

My name is Virginie and I have a background in illustration, concept art and UI design.

My story is quite atypical since I was mentally and physically disabled. Until last year, I could not walk nor have a clear thought most of the time. I have fallen ill while studying gameart at the french school ISART Digital and so my dream of working in the game industry was never fullfiled, despite my best efforts.

I worked remotely until then, doing mostly illustrations, since it was the most I could do in my condition.
I lived in Paris for ten years and I’m now back in my home country, Switzerland, in hope to participate in its game industry, which is starting to take off pretty nicely. I’m so proud of my little country but it’s hard, since living costs are so expensive and the swiss mentality is, frankly, quite rigid. Mostly we do VR here.

But I love to travel and I would very much like to work in other countries. I am most passionate about 3D creature animation, texture creation, chara design… and RVFX of course! I feel like this field has everything I want!

Now that I am healthy again, after 8 years of fighting my illness - and winning, I wish to give me a chance to have the life that I want, do the work that I want!

So glad to meet you all! I’m grateful to be learning in such good company!


Hi folks!

This is Burç. I currently live in Hamburg, DE. I used to work as a “linear” vfx/compositing artist in feature films/commercials. The main software I used was Autodesk Flame. At age of 30 -and at the top of my career- I’ve quit my job, moved to another country and started a career as a indie game developer. I have 2 games released so far. I’m also a professional musician with numerous releases in genres ranging from post-rock to many sub genres of electronic music and I’m also heavily into sound design and synthesis.

Growing up in a “developing” country, it was super-hard to find people with different expertise to work/collaborate with so I needed to learn so much in so many disciplines. That’s how I survived!

As I get older (I’m 34 now) I can’t seem to bear the “indie struggle” so I decided that I need to focus my expertise on a single thing in hopes of having a “real career” and I’ve focused on RTVFX since it’s like the most fun thing I can imagine myself doing for the rest of my life. I hope that companies don’t hunt for young talents and it’s not too late to go “corporate” now. :confused:

I’m super happy that I’ve found this amazing community that can provide priceless feedback.

I’ll just attach the trailers of the two games I’ve released so far. I went for 2D and low res art (I can’t really call them pixel-art since they’re not pixel perfect at all and have no limits in terms of color palette) since I thought the polish/time ratio was super high if you work solo. Everything you see and hear in the following trailers (including the trailer edit) is made by me unless stated otherwise! :slight_smile:

This is a project created with a team of two. A friend of mine handled most of the programming and I did everything else.

This is a strictly solo project. I’ve created this project to experience everything in a game’s life in production from designing things on pen and paper to release/ship it and even to create promotional artwork and a little bit of PR.

I now switched my focus completely on 3D and RTVFX and I’ll be posting and asking for feedback on every RTVFX piece I’ve created. And I’m obsessed with Substance Designer. It’s a shame I discovered this amazing software this late since I’ve always dreamed of a procedural/non-destructive node-based workflow to create textures to use in VFX. (Before Substance Designer, I was using Photoshop as non-destructible as possible with crazy nested groups and tens of adjustment layers and Smart Filters, like a node-based workflow. That’s when I realized even Photoshop can make you wait for a “render” :smiley: )

And for the sake of closure, I’ll attach my first RTVFX effort so you don’t imagine me as a straight-edge 2D pixel-art guy! :blush:



I’m pretty new here, so might as well!!

Hi everyone, I’m Lightprincess98, or by my real name Alexis Stahnke. I’m currently in my 2nd year of studying for a Bachelors degree in Game Design & Development learning Unity, but I’ve already jumped the gun and went off to Unreal. I’m fascinated by the XR Industry, so I want to go into that field, but I am more of a generalist and enjoy doing everything! I’m a transgender, still waiting on getting hormonal therapy though, living in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

Currently, all I see are amazing people, and amazing work, and I am pushing myself constantly to get to that level as well!


Hi guys

I am Ashif Ali. I am Vfx artist from India currently working as a game vfx artist i also make realtime vfx tutorials you can checkout my youtube channel CGHOW. i also posts my works here .


Sup folks, I’m Nadir. I’ve been doing RTVFX for about 7 mounth, and I really like it. Currently I’m a vfx/animation artist in local studion in Kazakhstan. Wish I could say more about me, but looks like that’s all. I’m trying my best to become a good fx artist, cus it’s fun to blow up some shit). If you wanna have conversation or find a new friend, here’s my socials.
Instagram: nad1r91