Intro to Real-Time VFX Course

Hello fellow artists!

I want to start teaching an 8 week “Intro to Real-Time VFX” course. I love teaching/mentorship and would like to do more. Show of hands, who’s interested?

Comment below :slight_smile:


Can I see more cases

I’m not sure what you mean, janson. What do you mean by cases?

More examples, sorry my English is not so good

Scifi is my love. Water/ fire is my weakness. Your cover pic got me. I’m in :kissing_heart:

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Awesome! Ill reach out soon and give you more deets. Im making a course syllabus and coming up with a schedule, etc

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No worries! The art in the image above is what we will cover. That would be a ton for 8 weeks. There are many concepts to grasp to be able to complete the fx shown above. I dont want to overload those who want to learn with too much info. Better to keep it small and spend more time on concepts then speed through and have people not absorb the information. I hope you understand :slight_smile:

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i want to learn,please show more, thank you

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I would like to join if I’m not too late, I’m a complete beginner, not sure if that’s a problem.
I’m curious about how you actually teach, is it in a group, 1 on 1 or do you send videos etc…

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I am working on the schedule and the course content at the moment but I will update you all when I have a syllabus.

The class will be a group learning session where I cover various topics, demo creating assets and authoring fx live, you can ask question, give feedback. All of those assets will be available to you to take apart and look through. I may ask you all to make work of your own so that you better grasp the concepts. Let me know if any of that doesnt make sense :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, hopefully I’ll be able to attend.

Here are the details. If you are serious about joining in, DM me with your name and email and ill add you to my list :slight_smile:

Live “Intro to Real-Time VFX”
Course Start Date: Aug 3, 2021
Last Day to Register: Aug 1, 2021
Sched: 16 sessions, 2 per wk, Tues/Thurs, 8pm CST (8wks total) Videos available the next day
Cost: $15 per class ($240 total)
Payment: Venmo or PayPal

Programs Needed
Engine: UE4 v4.26 (Free)
Modeling/Sim: Blender (Free)
Texturing: Photoshop (or Equivalent)

Beginners are welcome!

Course Syllabus:
Week 1-2 Smoke and Fire
Tues, Aug 3 - sconce fire
Thurs, Aug 5 - explosion
Tues, Aug 10 - car fire
Thurs, Aug 12 - Nuke explosion

Week 3-4 Water and Waterfalls
Tues, Aug 17 - puddle with ripples
Thurs, Aug 19 - pool
Tues, Aug 24 - waterfall
Thurs, Aug 26 - waterfall continued

1 Week break (I’m moving to LA)

Week 5 Ocean
Tues, Sept 7 - Ocean Concepts
Thurs, Sept 9 - Ocean

Week 6-7 Sci-fi
Tues, Sept 14 - On Character Material Effect
Thurs, Spet 16 - On Map Material Effect
Tues, Sept 21 - Ability Effect
Thurs - Sept 23 - Weapon Effect

Week 8 - Trails and Screen FX
Tues, Sept 28 - Projectiles and Ribbons
Thurs, Sept 30 - Screens FX


I want to be able to view specific videos instead of text

There arent any videos. All of these fx are fx ive tackled before, my social media and demo reel show that, but not in terms of the material for class. Im generating those now, and we will generate them again together in class. Thats is how i intend to teach those who are interested. By doing it together in class. This is the first time the class is being taught so there are no videos.

Here is my social media if you would like to see more of my work and get a sense of my knowledge:

I have 3 students so far which is very exciting! Two more potentially on the way. Our dicord server is up, and everything is progressing nicely. Cant wait to start. Please reach out to me if you are interested or have questions :slight_smile: You all are welcome to join in! The more the merrier

Here’s a close up of my torch fire! One mesh, one texture, no particles :slight_smile:

Class starts Aug 3rd! Everyone is welcome! DM me for info!

Here are some other examples of the stuff we will tackle in class just in case folks were a bit skeptical. This is my personal work, not made for the course, but it just shows that I have created these effects before, and have them to demo and explain in class in detail.

Sconce fire:
Scifi Env Effect:
scifi shield:

I have 5 students so far and more on the way. Let me know if I can answer any questions! Im here to help :heart:

Spent a few days creating a material based explosion that I hoped could rival a flipbook explosion. Im pretty proud of how close I got! Can you tell which is one uses flipbooks?

Cant wait to demo this in class :slight_smile: 10 wonderful students so far. Last day to register is this sunday! DM me to join!

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