How to use Niagara SimCache?

I have baked a niagara sim cache,but don’t know how to play it, have anyone tried before?

First you want to make a material with your sim cache (aka ‘flipbook’), something very simple to start will do (but look up tutorials on making good flipbook materials, there’s a lot you can do).

Then in your Niagara system, add the material to your Sprite Renderer, and set the SubUV Image Size in there to 8x8 (or whatever your texture is, looks like it’s an 8x8 for 64 frames)

And finally in your Niagara system Particle Update add a SubUV Animation module

To make your flipbook play faster or slower make the Particle Lifetime shorter/longer. This is the very very basic implementation of it, if you want to learn more then check out YT for videos on making flipbook animations in Niagara. Good luck!

I believe op is referring to the Niagara Simulation Cache which NiagaraBaker is able to export since 5.1?
Not the texture output

Ahh, if that’s the case then it’s a matter of taking the exported flipbook from the Baker and applying the same process. I’m assuming he has the flipbook generated, and now just needs to understand how to play it.

To be clear though I’m not sure what the Niagara Simulation Cache file type exactly is, that’s a new one on me.

hahah,not texture output,I have got reply from UDN,Niagara SimCache is still in the experimental stage, the subsequent use of the process may change, the current recommended use on 5.1.0 is to use Take Recorder to cache him into a sub sequence

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If you happen to get it working, and feel like you are up to it, a to-the-point tutorial would always be appreciated :slight_smile: