Embergen Challenge Winners!

A huge congratulations to @NickR, @Illusorisch, @eavillar and worthy honorable mentions to @Deathrey and @peters

Thank you to all who participated in this Challenge & Thank you to JangaFX, Rebelway & NVIDIA Studio for your sponsorship & contribution to our community and our artists.

First Prize Winner

Second Prize Winner

Third Prize Winner

Honorable Mentions


This has been amazing. Congrats to everybody who participated! :sparkles:


Amazing challenge!! Congratulations all the sponsors, organizers, winners and participants. Astonishing entries! See y’all the next sketch - challenge! :tada: :sparkler:

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I saw amazing results!! good job everyone and congrats to the winners!! :boom: :raised_hands: :ok_hand:

Congrats everyone! Loved seeing all the entries, and looking forward to the next one! :metal: :sparkles:

Really fun contest, congrats to the winners!!

Wooooah, very cool submissions and amazing results! Congratulations to the winner! :grinning: :tada: :sparkles:

Congratulations to all the winners!