Nick Reid: Embergen Challenge


Here’s my final submission:

Final submission on Vimeo

I’m a little late but here we go.

I’m thinking of using these two scenes as reference.



Planning on showing some kind of planetary bombardment that sweeps up the street toward the camera, blowing up cars along the way.


A couple of early flipbooks. I will likely swap these out as I continue using Embergen this month. I’ve also been setting up the scene and will post that soon.




Here’s a quick blockout of a street and the laser




More progress on blocking out the scene



I looked through the various assets Epic has given away for free over the past year or so and found a modular city kit and some vehicles, so I’ve replaced my stand-in cubes now. Also worked some more on the point where the beam meets the street, and did some embergen work so I can have some fires burning after the beam has gone through and hit the cars.



Been a while since I posted, but here we go. I think this will be my final version. I’m a little burned out on looking at this, but really enjoyed the project and had a great time with EmberGen. It is definitely a major part of my workflow now.

Full Video on Vimeo


Forgot to mention, as I already said the city and cars were Epic store assets that they have given away, and the alien ship silhouettes were from a pack of sci-fi vehicles I bought on Cgtrader a couple years ago. Nothing was modeled by me, I only did the FX, lighting, and composing the scene.


This is nicely done Nick! The flipbooks look good from this camera angle. I like the details of sparks, lens flares and ground debris. The lingering bits from the beam are well done. Great composition overall.

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Thanks I really appreciate it!

Great work, can you tell me how the light halo is made? Whether to use nuke synthesis

Love this! Especially how the energy seems to linger in the cracks after the beam

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What software do you use for all these simulations and set up?
Big fan of your work by the way.

All of the smoke and fire flipbooks were done in Embergen. Thanks!