Peters: Embergen Challenge

Hey all! I’m super excited about this challenge and looking forward to start and learn something new! :slight_smile:

Final submission:

Current WIP:



I started watching some movie trailers and I found I really love dynamic shots like in Topgun or We Were Soldiers. I did quick blocking and I hope that now I will start playing with EmberGen :slight_smile:

Stay tuned for first tests with EmberGen!


So far my fav reference in terms of explosion on desert

I started working and learning more about emberGen, did few explosion tests, still need a lot of work but I’m super excited of getting something already :slight_smile:

For next step I will try to match more refs, clean things and start rendering some of these into flipbooks and work on fx setup in ue4.


First test in ue4, still working on my flipbooks. This was done pretty fast. This I will try to fix timing and work on particle setup.


Some updates from today. Decided to learn Niagara and soon I will start adding more elements, shockwaves, debris, trails etc.

This shot is going to be pretty interesting :slight_smile:


Its amazing job, i need help and maybe you can help me, im newbie user unreal engine and i cannot stop a flipbook and i will try inizialize with a model animation but i dont have any idea. You Can help me? Thanks a lot.

Going to be a cool dynamic shot indeed! How did you do the background/level assets?

Thanks! I’m using Houdini for generating a Heightfield terrain with Houdini Engine to load .hda into Unreal and setup everything. Hires rocks, foliage and textures coming from Quixel Megascans. Scatter is pretty random, maybe if I will save some time later when my explosion is ready I add some complexity into it.

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Thank you. If I understand correctly you can do this in many ways. In these two shots I posted I’m triggering explosion in Sequencer. I recommend watching some basic introduction into Sequencer. It’s very easy to create a track for Niagara/Cascade system and then load any component you want to activate.

I’m also pretty new to ue4 :slight_smile: there is no end with exploration new things, ideas and concepts.

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Very nice man, thanks for the answer. I just got into using the Quixel assets in Unreal, defo gonna try to generate a height field now too

I was struggling a bit with motion vectors, currently finally moving to work on all aspects of explosion :wink:
this is never going to be that slow :slight_smile:

edit: probably I will run another test with reduced flipbook frame range

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Today I had some time to start working on additional elements like flying barrels and stones, for now just for timing. For next step I will focus on smoke trails and dust maybe even tiny shockwave element.

better quality:


Cut to slow mo. :wink:

You are the contender so far in my eyes mate, wicked stuff :smiley:

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Haha, thanks! Great idea to try with slow mo! :smiley:

Currently I was having some issues and still need to work on some issues but slowly I’m trying to get there. Probably this week I will rework on shader and then move to other elements.

Anyway I have so much fun working on it :slight_smile:


Fixed few more issues, later I will start polishing additional elements.


Today I had some time to fix issues in my project and block trail element.


Love what you’ve produced already - everything looks great to me, except I think some of the smoke should stick around longer. I always find fireworks smoke stays around at low density for quite some time, maybe settling to earth with yours would be a good end to the explosions. I just think the last half second of smoke vanishing is a bit game-like.