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Hello VFX community!
I’m Oleg, I’m a generalist so at this moment all my spare time I’m converting into the personal project - Dragon Burrow

I’m wondered than vfx artist has so friendly community. Perhaps here I will ask all sorts of silly things and share my modest progress :slight_smile:

All fxs what I have now is temp character sword swosh and creep hit:


Hi guys!
It’s not a FX, but shader with visual depth effect =)

Actual artwork by my girlfriend Lekso Tiger:
Dragon Burrow:


Good job, Oleg! Your rabota is very horosha!

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What’s up guys!
Many time ago I add into my bookmrks the video of RiotGames (RISE for Championship 2018)
And now inspired of some local scene I realise it for our project =)


hi, nice grow effect! how did you do that?

I’m do than with great guide by Tommy Tran Creating Interactive Grass in Unreal Engine 4 |

And ALSO I’m finaly achive changes of flow map when particle system change own orientation =)

Hi! You can check original technique here Creating Interactive Grass in Unreal Engine 4 |
I’m just using Blue channel for cutting effect. I spawn one particle and use it into grass material,

R - cut shape, G - progression of cutting, B - progression of growing =)

Yo. The project (DragonBurrow) from the images above is unfortunately frozen, due to the lack of an enthusiast programmer. That’s why I do all kinds of things purely for myself. I’m doing a small teleport effect now. In the progress

I want to set the rhythm of the effect so that it visually clearly divided into two stages. little preparation and disclosure. Hope u enjoy!

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I’m finally finished my SUPER EPIC project! Full-cycle production of the character skin! :owl: :email:

The album of the project containing a lot of stuff, from concept to final posing on promoscreen. All content is implemented on UE4:
I’m very hyped now and I very hope you will super enjoy it! :star_struck:

One of the last publication in the album was VFX works, and I’ll share some examples below:

Have a nice VFXFriday :hugs: