Water Hex Shield

Water element based ability skill I’ve been working with Project Xandata Game. Suggestions and better ideas are welcome!


Looks really amazing… I’m gonna try this one.

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Great start, but except for the wake on the bottom, I’m not really reading this as water, so here’s some suggestions as what things that might look interesting.

  • Mist created by water looks white, not blue.
  • Small bubbles, or things that read like bubbles?
  • Higher waves on the intersection between shield and ground, maybe a few meshes might help blend between the two a bit nicer as well :smiley:
  • Colourful caustic patterns on the ground inside the shield, or perhaps something that resembles an ocean floor?
  • Fog inside of the shield (I think you can get some really nice results just using a depth fade node)

Hopefully that helps.


Ahh thanks for that! I never thought those stuff you mentioned, especially the caustic pattern on the ground. Very helpful! :slight_smile:

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it doesnt look like a water shield at all (?)
the waves on the ground are the only indicator for that, if u take that away its just a random scifi shield

Yeah I understand. But the challenge is it has to be a magi-tech setup.

@Pixelheld What do you suggest he improve to make it better?

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i mean its hard to say because i dont know the direction of other effects in the game
and i have to say i dont like hexagons, its a lazy and generic scifi design

but if its water based it should be water, i think of a water bubble inside a scifish cage, eh(?)

this is maybe something too, the scifi elemets are mostly on the ground and the sphere has it own characteristic

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I got your point! It has a tanky concept like a turtle shell that’s why I use some hexagons, It might be too much and the bubbly feeling is gone. Will try to experiment more. Thank you for the feedback!

Hello, I want to know how you make the edge glow