Urgently Needed Feedback for Ornn inspired VFX


updated version after feedback applied
Updated FX


Hey guys, I am glad to be part of this community and this will be my very first time to share something with you.

This is, because i urgently need feedback on an Ornn inspired FX i made in Unreal Niagara.
It is based on “Das Blaue Pferd” from Franz Marc and Kandinsky. Both were members of “Der blaue Reiter”

I wanted to have this effect in an “expressionistic” style, thats why i used the peppy colors.
I am trying to apply the principles of Color from LoL, but it is not possible with my amount of knowledge to combine those principles with the way expressionists handled color.

Maybe someone here has some advice for me to handle color, and maybe form… I am not sure about the AOE Indicator aswell. This effect pretty much feels very unpolished and clonky to me. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

Horse VFX

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Have you done anything to your post process in your Unreal scene yet? Default Unreal makes it difficult to control emissive color in a way that would feel like League

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Did not know there were Post Processing Settings to achieve the Same Emissive Levels. I did not want to use the post processing to not affect the basic outcome. Wouldnt my perception be wrong if i had the Bloom etc. Settings applied before?

Any scene you open will have a default post process volume added to it. League’s engine doesn’t use bloom, and Unreal’s default settings blow out and alter color when you push your emissive values high enough for the bloom to activate. You’ll have less control over your colors that way.

This artist has a great post on how to get a better hand painted look in Unreal. You will have to readjust your colors and value after to compensate for the change, but that will give you a look that’s closer to what you want.


Right now your particles under the horse are much brighter than the horse itself, which makes it feel disconnected.

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If you haven’t already, I’d definitely check out the League of Legends VFX Style Guide too.

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Haha, yeah i studied the style guide multiple times, but it is really difficult to apply! Thanks for the Envrionment Setup Link Though, Its is awesome and i appreciate some lighting setup.

I tried to let the Grass contrast the horse very hard. What Color would you suggest? i did not want to use blue, because i am scared to make it another monochromatic effect. I thought about a desaturated orange!

Thanks for your feedback though!

Horse Purple/Yellow

Will this change connect the horse and the grass underneath it better? I am really not sure about colors tbh.

I think the shapes of the under effect are too sharp and eye catching and they fight the general direction of the effect. Take a look at pages 28-30 in the LOL style guide. They cover what I mean. Making the flames less opaque would probably help too.

Definetly to sharp and taking to much attention. I will fix those issues soon. I will try to use a completley different color key aswell.


Horse VFX Preview

I updated the surrounding particle effects and used another horse model for the FX.
I also overworked the Colors. I kept it simple in a blue tone since the original color red/orange
clashed too much with my vision.