UE4: how to apply texture in a world coordinate

I am trying to assign a texture to my object in world position. I am trying to add the effect of water flowing down a surface, The current UVs dont let me pan the water texture down the surface nicely so I thought if I could assign the water texture in a world position coordinate then I could pan that down.

I have tried various nodes, currently looking at WorldAlignedTexture but I am having trouble understanding how to apply it, and I am not sure if it’s the correct node to use.

Thanks in advance.

I found the Absolute World Position node, but when I hook it up I get warning compilation errors. So I compile anyway and it applies its self to the object. The warning message makes me wonder if I am hooking it up correctly.

Well I will join your learning process but I have a question regarding your post.
Is it possible that your error is because the absolute world position has 3 floats and you connect it to cordinate node which has only 2 floats ? If I’m right then the math incorrect for the cordinate node.
Other then that i would like to know how to do it also :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry didn’t know how to read the mask node. ok so all good its using only Green and Red. haha my bad noob question. all the best :yum:

Take a look at this tutorial;


Thanks for that link Gareth. So often after I post a question I stumble across a solution. I did find a tutorial online but when I tried it I was getting the error. Im still not sure how I fixed it but I dont get the error any more.

Thanks man ! Great tech art tutorial.

This is great! Thanks