Turner Spring - Sketchbook

First big FX project I have felt like sharing. Started learning VFX a few months ago and feel like I have come a long way since! Would love some critiques and opinions so I can improve!


Looks really nice to me so far, would be nice to see any reference you are working too?:slight_smile:


Here is the reference I started with! Made some modifications with the model to try and make the RBD more interesting. I’m realizing now that my RBD timing may be slightly off with the lightning.

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Nice ref, :slight_smile: - Yeah I would agree you could make your destruction abit more violent and aggressive, and perhaps try balance your lighting bolt more,

some additional feedback after watching your piece again would be your sparks are very uniform on emission (not much shape breakup) which is abit annoying to my eye, its only the first half a second or second which bothers me so maybe delay some of their emission or add more scale/velocity variance perhaps? just a personal thought tho so please ignore if you wish :smiley:

  • perhaps needs more bloom to closer match your ref but id also take a look for some other ref to help as this one although definitely useful, gets bloomed out way too much to see the impact (OR maybe take it into a editing software and see if you can pull any more details on the lighting bolt impact)

Yeah keep working on timings as this is looking good to me :smiley: look forward to updates!

Thanks for the CC! I’ll look into polishing this one up more when I can find the time :grin:

And yeah the sparks seem to be a real toughy for this one…

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