Thomas Goodfellow - Sketchbook

I finally got through the first real complete effect in @GabrielAguiar 's Udemy UE4 Effects course and am super pleased with the result! I’ll happily take any critiques as I’m still very green when it comes to real-time vfx.

I have learned so much so far! The importance of color and contrast in an effect, how to use a large number of nodes in Niagara, as well as how to keep all my assets and naming conventions organized and logical.

Now onto a cool projectile effect, and diving into a large number of VFX discussions and tutorials!


Good job! I wouldn’t worry about getting critique at this stage if you are brand new, as some critique may overwhelm you and muddy your learning a bit. A lot of critique is mainly useful when you have a specific intent in mind, however if you are just following a tutorial by someone else, as long as your end result is the same as theirs then the course is doing its job. Just keep smashing through the course, play about with the tools and familiarizing yourself with them and have loads of fun doing it! (That’s just my opinion though).

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I finished up that Udemy course this morning! I’m really happy with the result of the projectiles.

Now I’m going to go absorb the Getting Started in Real Time VFX? Start Here! thread and maybe start getting into learning more about shaders.