The RTVFX Podcast

At long last it’s here! A podcast dedicated to the real-time visual effects community.

Real-Time Visual Effects is a field in high demand. Worlds are transformed with the magic of RTVFX. This podcast explores the industry at large by being a platform for people to learn and grow within the community. Be a wizard and make magic.

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New episodes every week.


Great initiative! Waiting for more :smiley:

super cool! but i can not find it in my podcast app … do you have a website for the podcast with a directl RSS feed?

Hey @simonschreibt yes! The hosting platform is Buzzsprout. You can find it at

Because the way SEO and approval processes work for RSS feeds, there can be a delay (sometimes weeks) for it to appear. I’m working with other entities to get it uploaded. If you have a specific app you are looking at, let me know and I’ll reach out! :slight_smile:


Thank you! I added it to my PocketCast and also listened to both episodes. Really cool! :slight_smile: Do you have a twitter-account for the podcast, would love to share it!

And thanks for mentioning my little UnrealSimon-Channel <3 But I’m afraid my video is about an older version of slate and the UI changed quiet a bit I think.

p.s. I really like that you added links to the guests websites into the description. That helps a lot to check out the stuff quickly :slight_smile:

I thought I saw it before, and then I realized that I was watching the video 2 time :rofl:

No Twitter account yet! Maybe that will change as the podcast grows.
You’re absolutely right! Tools update so quickly. It’s hard to keep up. Who owns Slate?

Also, next episode is live!

Awesome podcast! I’ve listened to all episodes. Please keep it up.
The intro is really inspiring.
I’d like to hear more about optimization techniques and practical stuff in general.

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FINALLY! This is Fantastic! Thank you for this. :smiley:

(I’m including a link to a past topic of this nature so that the site can do some of that embed magic and hopefully direct people to this post here.)

thank you so much, it’s an amazing resource!

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