Helpful Podcasts for VFX/TechArt

“Making” eats into time for research. Research eats into time to make.

I’m trying to find what is out there topic wise in podcast form. I hope to maximize time learning all this wizardry as I work, and I figure I’m not alone in that. Are there any VFX/TechArt Game Dev Podcasts? Any such podcasts that would help towards that effect of understanding?

In my searches, I’ve found there are a number of Static VFX ( i.e. Movie VFX) based podcasts, such as The Allan McKay podcast, and of my querys was only able to find one podcast with any strictly Realtime VFX basis called Visual Disruptors

Visual Disruptors is a new podcast from Epic Games and Unreal Engine. Hosted by Mike Seymour – lecturer, researcher and co-founder of fxguide – we unwrap one of the most exciting developments in media and entertainment for decades: virtual production. Each episode, Mike will speak with some of the brightest minds in the business, exploring how and why virtual production will change the industry forever. If you’re interested in hearing more about virtual production and what it can do for your business, check out

…yet even THAT is ultimately movie based. (Fascinating stuff through. :wink:)

I also found Podcasts for Game Audio & Game Design (there are a bunch for game design) but nothing for VFX/Tech strictly speaking. Internally (site wise), I only found three posts referencing podcasts, and of the two examples given from those posts, we have one which is of Art Experience and one with a Design based outlook.

While the focus of this post is to collect any well made podcast with topics useful in VFX & Tech Art Game Development, I don’t want to discourage a wider swath of topics out there. After all, our craft can pull from so many other fields, (like Daoist Philosophy) that I simply don’t want to discourage a recommendation.

So! If any one is aware or can recommend a podcast (that has helped you be sharper at your style of craft), then please post links to them here!

Thank you! :smiley:


Not really a podcast to say but I really enjoyed watching Jason Keyser’s videos. Goes without saying that they’re a great breakdown of his VFX and definitely an awesome source of inspiration for me.

Also not a podcast but fun to watch are Mathew Wadstein’s WTF is? series. Doesn’t include every single node but really goes through a short and sweet explanation for what they are and they do.

Once again while not really podcasts, another thing that’s relatively new for me has been the GDC vault. I love the wealth of information to be found there and its always a pleasure to watch experienced artists share and talk about their VFX journey, tips and tricks.

Thank you bunches for linking Visual Disruptors! It will definitely be a fun series to dive right into and I’m pretty excited for seeing all the new stuff they come up with!

I use a youtube to mp3 converter to listen to gdc talks and the like while I work.

I would recommend NOT listening to anything while you work unless you are doing something very repetitive. I listen to rain or storm recordings while I work to block out all of the distracting conversations around me and to keep my mind focused. White noise.

I used to search out and listen to a lot of random podcasts and I’ve never found one that covered realtime VFX or tech art. We’re just too niche. But hey, maybe you can create the first realtime vfx podcast?

Yeah I’m the same. Instrumental music only. A podcast would kill my focus instantly.

I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast, but I don’t listen to many myself so I don’t know what a good format would be.

Making a podcast about art is hard since it’s mostly a visual medium. Rather than covering a specific effect the podcast would need to cover general techniques. Everything would need to be big picture concepts.

Having a interviews with vfx artist would also work, since you could discuss how they got into the industry and their experiences.

Unfortunately, getting regular interviews is probably challenging, and if you cover big picture ideas you can end up sharing everything you know rather quickly. It may become hard to find or create new content after awhile.

Well, I figured the reason I couldn’t really find anything was due to Realtime VFX still being so comparatively small. Had to give it a shot. I myself will occasionally listen off of YouTube tuts, something along those lines. but those formats presume you’re watching, and sometime a person will go “this thing here” and can tottaly get It is interesting to see that some of us wouldn’t listen to on even if there was one.

Thank you all for your input.

I’m literately the opposite of this currently. Simply put; With out Music or Knowledge-something, my creation rate gets halved.

A tiny self-promotion: If you understand German, you might like this Episode of our Game Dev Podcast. It’s 3 hours just about Realtime VFX :slight_smile: