Gratitude post!

Hi I’m Will.

Last year I decided in my final year of Uni to focus on RT-VFX. It was a path I didn’t even really know existed at that start of my course but I was enticed by the dark magic of particle editors. I saw the industry was hungry for VFX artists and set my sails towards the goal of VFX artist.

I have been plugging away at that task ever since. I don’t need to tell you as we’re all aware of just how much there is to tackle in this field. I write this post because while listening to the RTVFX podcast (The RTVFX Podcast Go check it out its brilliant!) I reflected on how amazing this community is.

When I first heard of the RTVFX forum I didn’t realise at first what a gem I had uncovered. I made an account, poked around, goggled at the stunning effects being posted and promptly forgot it was here. As the name realtimevfx came up time and again in discussions I watched or from podcasts I listened to. I occasionally posted and had a deeper look and realised there was a lot of variety in skill, experience and status but everyone shared one thing; everyone took delight in each others efforts. Nothing but warmth and genuine interest in seeing the other person succeed.

I joined the discord, which has proved insanely valuable. The more I’ve engaged there more I have become grateful. Because I always gain a fresh eye on my problem and the time people are willing to take out of there day to help me and others with their struggles is very generous. In this forum I have always felt such amazing comradery, and I hope that my long gushy post isn’t too far off topic. :stuck_out_tongue:

THANK YOU!!! to all you wonderful people from the veterans to the day 1’s I couldn’t have made it to where I am without this awesome community.


me right now:


Congratulations mate!

Is it OK to highjack and continue the Gratitude thread?

A year ago I hopped over into Realtime VFX and Games. Couldn’t have gotten this far without all of you here, discord, in forums, all around the world. Thanks so much for all the help, info and comradery during the Covid hell groundhog day we all have been living. :smiley:

I hope I can help others and pay it forward.

Raising a glass to you all!


course dude! gratitude it up! :smiley:

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