🔥 TFlow - Motion Vector Generator

Hey Torbach,

Thanks for your question.

In the package, you will find several nodes (Amplify and Shader Graph) and examples (VFX Graph, Particle system).
Those examples will show you on how to use motion vectors and can help you build your own specific shader based on the data you have access and you can provide to the materials.

Also I just made a quick test with Single Row and Random Row mode and it works well.

If you want to do more custom flipbook animation, you would just have to create another shader similar to the screenshot and change the OpticalFlowUVAnimation node to handle your own way of animating. Then provide the resulted current and next frame in addition to the blending factor.

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At Tuatara, we are super happy to announce the release of TFlow for Unreal Engine.
It is supported on UE 4.26, 4.27 and 5.0 !

Check this out ! :arrow_right: 🔥 TFlow - Motion vector generator - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

What you will find in the plugin:

  • A Editor tool to bake motion vectors and create blending materials
  • Material functions to get smooth blending using Optical Flow
  • Examples for Cascade, Niagara and simple Materials

Upcoming features:

  • Motion Blur baking
  • And everything you ask for !

TFlow is 50% off during New Year Sale on the Unity Asset Store ! :star_struck:

Get ithttps://u3d.as/2F5t