Substance Designer for VFX?

Thanks for the share @simonschreibt, looks like these patters are interesting to people, I had more then 800 downloads.

So, I’ll try to find time and do some more :wink:


@AlexFedorov posted in his channel nice substance networks :slight_smile:


A friend of mine has used substance to approach some VFX stuff check it out here.


Thanks for the share! ^^ I used Substance Designer for most of the VFX in my portfolio and it was great fun. I made a way of animating my substance and automating a spritesheet all in designer. Awesome tool for VFX! :smiley:

Awesome! The networks look huge :smiley: I wonder if there’s a way to automate substance…like having a for-loop and iterating over the same nodes again and again changing some parameters a bit to avoid having the same little network with slight modifications 100x in the file?

There was a way to animate using time within substance player but it was of no help to me making flipbooks, designer couldnt be animated in the same manner so I made do with shifting paremeters like transform and noise disorder. The good thing about it is that both of those things loop :smiley:

Looks realy great. Can you please tell what is your settings for Splater Circular? I spent a whole day and couldn’t replicate this pattern.

I’m not able to open substance right now but in here you should find my fire + settings:


I use Substance Designer to create textures 90% of the time!

Lately I’ve been trying Filter Forge as well but when it comes to a node-based tool, ease of use and UX (how easy/fast/practical you’re able to connect nodes and build complicated schematics) is king for me. So I guess SD will be my go-to tool for procedural texture creation.

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What is Bruno tools? I tried googling this and did not find it. Maybe I haven’t read enough of this thread…

It’s his stuff on Gumroad I exspect. (He links to it in the 5th post of this topic) :slight_smile:

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Sorry. I started very far down in this thread. I appreciate your response.

I’m a big Filter Forge Fan…But I can see how Substance Designer has surpassed it. I think I like the FF interface a bit better…but maybe because it isn’t so clouded with all those features! :smiley:

here aswell but I suppose the gumroad is more up to date ? @Bruno

Here’s my gumroad:
Usually it’s more up to date because it takes Allegorithmic some time to approve content, but right now they’re the same. An update to those tools is long overdue though :stuck_out_tongue:

I missed Zoom Blur from Photoshop in Substance Designer, so I made one. Hope it will come in handy!


thx man! i missed that too!

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Made an animated flame 100% procedural in designer, same way as before, I expose some parameters and feed 64 variations of the same graph into an atlas creating node to spit out an animated sprite sheet all within deisgner. :smiley:

hopefully this link works, here’s the .sbs if anyone is curious

EDIT: it’s pretty fast to iterate on too :smiley:


your works are epic! I didn’t even know these could be achieved with SD…

Simon, your flames is awesome. Inspired with your technique i made animated fire. Check it out

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cool! i didnt even know that one can animated with substance. is there a animation-node or -language for that?