Substance Designer for VFX?

shows the process he used in substance to get his final result. You may be able to pull the displacement into a 3d package and extract the geo? I haven’t used displacement for anything, so idk how all that works now or what your options are.

2.5D Modeling to be exact. 3D detail on a 2D plane. I recall back for Halo:Reach, Bungie updated the medals by modeling and rendering them out. Had it been done today, the same effect can be done and much more quickly in Substance Designer.

Just found this on twitter and thought, it might be very useful for VFX textures too. Will try around with it later :slight_smile:


I use substance designer regularly for all my textures needs since 2 years now, flare, dust, noise, impact crater and threshold maps. I have the chance to be really free to try new things on production and have time for this.

I built small tools for snow wave/sweeping on ground and I was able to iterate quickly my flipbooks thanks to Bruno tools !
I even used subtance for explosions flipbook for normal map tweaking.

Just the fact you can preview the texture tiling just by pressing spacebar in 2D view is a blast for me.
I think its a good start to switch your brain into procedural thinking.
I admit its hard to get away from photoshop at first, but it like any package and get out of your confort zone. But the speed you gain from iteration is tremendous.

My ultimate goal is to have handpaint blizzard style but procedurally. I’m pretty sure its doable with enough tries :wink:

Here a substance I did :

substance file

Be sure to have @Bruno 's altlaser !
Will post the snow crawlings in the next days.


Thank you! I would love to see your substance-craters, if you’re allowed to share how they where done :slight_smile:

One other thing I will add, is that if you’re going to be using SD in a pipeline with other artists you should be very deliberate and careful about maintaining the same SD version across your project. My experience is that even what looks like a minor point release will kill backwards compatability, and i’ve been bitten more then once by someone versioning up a file or installing a plugin from a new version. The result is usually quite destructive =/


Totally agree, we have always that issue when a newer version is released and our artist updates manually by themselves.

Note sure what it can be but I like the pattern :slight_smile:


Invert and stretch to make marble?

Perhaps zoom it in and make the cracks larger for some cool magma effect? Add the motion in UE4 or unity after some edits in Photoshop. (if you can in unity, I dont know, havnt worked with Unity yet.)

Hello !
Sorry for the 16 days delay, I had to wander in the crypt of my previous substances at my lunch time.
We’re using composite material (We usually use pre-existing terrain texture), so I cleaned and revamped it with modern substance nodes to stand out on its own.

Be sure to have @Bruno 's AdvancedGradients, Cracks_Generator and UVLookup.

There you go :

Of course it can be improved a lots, like having coherent cracks, more details and so on.

Edit : seem I messed dependencies while saving the substance, now its fixed, I guess.



Looks really interesting !


Reposting this from my own thread:

I started building a wispy noise (caustics?) generator. I’ll possibly release it afterwards!


Awesome! You might be interested in this material too, I found it on substance share a while ago. Maybe it can be an inspiration:


Yeah I made that one too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh :smiley: Well…I didn’t say anything :smiley:

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OH wow, I already see several uses to that !


Just found these pattern made by @NikolaD and thought they fit in here perfectly well :slight_smile: