Stylized Zelda VFX

There is a lot of vfx i like from Breath of the wild and was hoping to get some advice on it. I’ve been pondering over this for a while and i wanted to get some help making this ring effect from Breath of the WIld.

I know they have a bit of a break in the lines like these:

Im not sure how this is made but i want it exactly like the bomb effect. I tried making my own version in UE4 where i multiply the ring with a noise but its not as smooth as the bomb particle.

any ideas as to how i can achieve a smoother effect like in earlier examples?


It’s most likely alpha erosion, as it’s super cheap and they use a lot of it in BotW

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Any idea what the texture itself would look like? I have some idea how alpha erosions work (basically uses a subtract node with a parameter) but im not sure what the actual ring texture itself would look like. Also notice how at the beginning there is no erosion and as it goes to the end of the lifetime the erosion takes effect.

I also notice a bit of panning cloud sort of look from this one:

Id start with additive shader (rgb)

Use a noise texture that subtracts the ring texture rgb

The noise texture has -1 [variable] added to it [clamped] so that it is all 0.
Then lerp -1 to +1 so when the lerp hits +1 the whole thing subtracts the ring fully.

Also pan this noise slowly so that it is non uniform over time as it subtracts the rings


Pretty much what Torbach wrote out. If you need a more visual description, check out this ImbueFX vid that explains what it is and on way of achieving it.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!


I found this tutorial a month ago. May be, it`s what you need.


See I don’t think they did anything so complex as using random noise generation, it looks like it’s just a static texture using alpha erosion. You can see that the ring erodes in a pretty similar pattern every time:


It always erodes in that crescent shape, there are a few differences which may be a procedural element, but overall I think it’s just clever texture work.

I managed a pretty decent recreation in UE4:

All driven by a single eroding texture:

Creation was pretty easy. I just created a ring and used it as a clipping mask as I painted dots of various size around it with a soft brush, then gaussian blurred the whole thing. Here’s how it looks with the clipping mask disabled:


Hello! sorry for the late reply. I was a way for the weekend. Thanks so much @Torbach @Travis @ChivaTateo and @TheVman for helping me out.

@TheVman could you do a screenshot of the material? I’m curious about the material setup as it looks amazing. also is the ring itself grey and then the use soft brush strokes brightens the ring to white? I was i actually thinking of doing the total opposite where i make the ring all white then use a soft brush to darken certain areas.


Here you go, it’s pretty simple:

And I don’t think it should matter too much whether you’re painting with black or painting with white. I actually painted with black in some spots to get them to dissolve quicker, causing the ring to break apart in more asymmetric ways. I mostly painted with white because I found it easier to think of it as painting the shapes it will break into, rather than painting the breaks themselves.


HI Since the material i made was purely UI based, i can’t make it a particle systemhave things like Initial rotation and glow as everything is normalised clamped. so i played around with the materials with everything you guys have provided me and i managed to get something nice and managed to make it more procedural. So i thought i’d show you what i’ve come up with:

Because its UI based and not particles i cant use High values so i used floor to get a similar result:
I made it so that its always unique and never repeating by rotating this texture ata a slow rate (Green channel counter-clockwise, Blue channel clockwise):

Thanks so much for the help!