Spawning Sprites in Z always? SOS

Hey there,

I have a quick question and one that may just be biting me in the face. But I am attaching a cascade emitter to a bp box and no matter what I do, the sprites always eject the way of the object. They are not on local space and all I am doing is attaching this to a box to kick around. I even attached just a simple Niagara fountain to see if it was me or maybe I have something strange in cascade. Same issue. The emitters are not set in local, velocity is z. Is it a matter of if I have an emitter just in a bp with a mesh, it will always use the orientation of the object even if it isn’t directly attached to the object?

Can you not have emitters face z up at all points no matter the position of the box?? There has to be a wa to do that. SOS.

use velocity coordinate to the world in Niagara or just add gravity on required direction