What do you want to learn this year?

Well, this asset should work inside of unreal so you could generate your islands right there in the engine. :slight_smile:


in a big delay, but I would like in this year to improve my shader programming skills. and also I want to learn how to program my own graphics engine. that said I want to become a professional graphics engineer. so I guess im doing visual effects from the technical side of the scalar and not much from the art. So when I work on shaders I want to practice my artistic side for a better look development and original ideas. Im not good in making artistic textures but I do want to improve my timing and setups when I work with particle systems.

happy new year all!

This software is too difficult, I have not learned, so only with Max and After Effects

For me, this year will be all about Houdini and programming. I’ve been doing nightly tutorials with Houdini for a month and I feel like I’m starting to get a feel for it. Programming is something I already do a lot but I want to contribute to some open source projects and transition into software engineering in the next 2 - 3 years.


Welp, bailed on substance designer because work has been too focused on tools.
Got a little bit into Houdini and ended up working with a Neural renderer instead.
So, I’m back to wanting to do more Houdini this year.

Our tools at work have come a LONG way. I’m pretty amazed at what we’re doing and what we expect to do. The linkage between game and vfx is getting stronger.

As of this moment, I’m really interested in learning “traditional / hand drawn” effects. I’d like to achieve something similar to SmearKees VFX Adventure - #8 by SmearKees.

I’m about to finish reading my way through “Elemental Magic Volume 1” by Joseph Gilland. I couldn’t help but begin sketching things on my own.

Really hyped to see what I’m capable of! :crayon:


That’s awesome man! I wish you the best and if you want any feedback you can contact me :smiley:

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My goal was to learn FumeFX better, and then I touched Houdini, and the only thing I learned last year was just how much I hate Max. Not sure if I’ll get around to learning too much new stuff base on workload this year, but it’ll definitely be 2d hand animated fx

What I want to achieve is a nice portfolio that contains a mixture of my 2D and 3D vfx, with also showing a solid technical understanding as this is one of my flaws.

Would be awesome to have a dedicated VFX job this year but I dont have any set time restrictions for myself :slight_smile:

I want to learn Houdini!
I want to learn how to integrate VFX on my own!
I want to learn Blueprint!

It’s a new year VFX buddies!! That means necroing this thread to check in with progress and learn about what you’re up to this fine 2021!

:partying_face: It’s always great to look back and see how far you’ve come. I hope all of you spend some time to reflect on your awesome selves and give yourself a pat on the back (or whatever else you do to congratulate yourself) on your growth. Remember, even a small amount is still meaningful!

This 2021 I’ll be very focused on growing the VFX team for RnD at Riot. Part of that is feeling out ways to make the VFX testing process more streamlined. One of my takeaways from my VFX testing thread was to create Unity and Unreal scenes that has a basic setup. I still plan on doing that this year along with copious amounts of FX sourcing.

I’ve been working more in Unreal and Unity and gosh is there tons to learn. I’ve been skimming around Niagra tutorials puttsing my way around. Part of a successful onboarding is assisting artists to bridge the technical gap between engines so I’ll also need to focus on creating Unreal and Unity onboarding documentation. There are a few threads I’m already hunting through but if you’ve had a particularly helpful tutorial for onboarding to either please send them my way. :slight_smile:

What are you buddies up to this year?


Looking back on my first couple of posts here from ~2 years ago it actually blows my mind how far i managed to come with the help of this forum. I have been working full time as a VFX artist for almost two years now and i still remember sitting at my desk at my old job registering my account here and thinking “meh, nothing will probably come of this but let’s give it a go”, and here i am now, doing what I’ve dreamt of doing since first making pixels move in Freebasic 30 years ago.

To the point, up until now just opening this forum has taught me a million different things everyday and at this point i’m starting to feel confident enough to actually be able to open any thread and be able to dissect the content and still understand most of it, at least enough to attempt it myself.

My goal for this year is to keep improving my Niagara skills, after two years of working with it full time it feels like I’ve still only scratched the surface. I specifically want to target Simulation Stages and realtime simulations, the possibilities are more or less endless with the current power of Niagara and I really look forward to seeing where I’m going to be the same time next year.

Keep up the good work everyone and best of luck to you!


I think the same as last year, as I made basically no progress * shakes fist at 2020 *

2d FX learning, and my goal is to get through all the lessons in VFX Apprentice’s Booms n Blasts and Tradigital learning courses.

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I’ll definitely put some effort into time management and spending more time taking care of myself :slight_smile:


oh that’s what I’m aiming for right now

Huh? You are aiming for whatnow?

Planning to first of all get into Embergen, really need to get started with that and learn how to simulate and get some nice flipbooks going.

Also want to get started with Niagara, barely touched upon it and it still feels weird trying to get used to it. Don’t even want to get into the complex stuff yet, just want to be able to easily recreate things I’ve done in cascade at least.
Working with too many different particle editors fks with the workflow sooo much, so many different mindsets. So if I do get started with Niagara I really need to drop cascade completely, can’t keep track of 4 different particle editors at the same time :sweat_drops:

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Hello Everyone! Let’s have a great new year!

This year I want to take on my 2nd attempt of getting into VFX.
Basically I want to graduate from creating basic PFX with simple textures, materials and standard shaders onward to making my own basic shaders with shader forge (I guess). And make somewhat more complex effects with this. so basically:

  • learn shuriken pfx editor and VFX basics.
  • learn how to use alpha erosion and such (in own basic custom shaders if I can get this far)
  • learn basic scripting to launch FX via script and maybe make collision detection.

Let’s do this! :sunglasses:


I want to become someone who is confidence in his VFX skills, and I wanna be a better painter and become a faster, more efficient 3D modeler if possible. I’m not the best at time management and going through with my plans or staying happy/positive. So I’d like to work on that too!
I also would like to learn how to dance so I can have something fun and physical to do.


I want to learn hlsl this year and I know there are not much content on internet but I will learn it any how. Little by little I am getting familiar with it.

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