SlothTom: Sketch #16 WIP



Hi guys, I’ve been lurking around here for almost 6 months now and i think its time to join the fun! This is something i started as a portfolio piece of FX + Animations, later found out there’s an event on the topic of shields so i thought i’d share the progress.

WIP# 4


  1. Find reference or concept art that i like ✓
  2. Model a quick shield ✓
  3. Set up test map ✓
  4. Find animations on mixamo and re-target to UE4 dude ✓
  5. Block-out each stage of the FX ✓
  6. polish and set up camera work ✓

WIP# 1 Shield charge up

Project is Completed as of 9/20/2018

Art station link:

VFX Sketch #16: Winners and Badges!

WIP# 2 Animation set up + Timing of the fx


nice one…


Gotta say, it’s already looking gorgeous. Look forward to any breakdown you’re willing to give once you’re happy with this.


Thank you guys! I would love to make a breakdown once it’s completed. :+1:

This evening i made some improvements to the shield by adding exhaust ports for the energy and added folding animations, i don’t get to model much at work so it’s nice change of pace.

It’s not rigged btw, just parented mesh and Unreal creates the skeleton.


Looks very nice :slight_smile: I was wondering for a while how people achieve that “warp-like” effect, in which particles get sucked in. Is it just negative start speed ?


Yes, you spawn particles on the shell of the sphere with negative speed and the particles should go to the center. Personally, i like to throw in a bit of drag, high initial velocity and size scaling down to create that fake sense of speed slowdown when it’s closer to the center.


So it’s done in Niagara, not Cascade, I presume? Because from my limited knowledge of Cascade “negative speed” doesn’t ring a bell at all. In Cascade you’d use point or particle attractor there, no? :smiley:


Cascade can do it with any of the shape location modules. Just set the “Surface Only” option so they spawn on the outer limits, then turn on the “Velocity” option, and finally play with the “Velocity Scale”, setting it to negative numbers to get the particles moving inward instead of outward.



WIP# 3 Finished blocking out all the main components of combo


awesome effect @SlothTom


That’s dope! The more you know :smiley: Thanks for the tip :clap:


Beautiful work, and the breakdowns are immensely helpful! <3


WIP# 4 Added shield exhaust fx, camera work V1 and screen shake


I’m pretty happy with it now, will do a bit of polish and call it done soon.


Nicely done! The cross exhaust in the begining makes it much more readable than it was before :raised_hands:


I’ve decided to call this piece done guys! I made a quick breakdown of the techniques and refs i used.


Love everything about this, the cleaness of the breakdown makes it super simple to followas well, which I appreciate. Good job! :smiley:


Thanks for the breakdown, it’s dope :sun_with_face: :ok_hand:


Nice work!and Thanks for the breakdown


Wooow, very nice FX animtion and great camera work!
I like your breakdown, thanks :smiley: