Sketch #10: Luos

Current “final” version:

While not directly created for the sketch, I still needed a fire-like thing for a low poly pack I am making.
So spend the evening playing around with some vertex manipulation.

I might spend some more time tweaking it, and will show a more proper video of it on a later date :slight_smile:


ue4 4.16 download: STACK


Ooh! btw @Keith not sure you knew but when one links a RTVFX link on discord it even plays the gif!

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Nice and clean. I like it a lot.

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Decided to spend some time tweaking the shader a little:

And well… while I am at it I decided to goof off a little as well.
Might animate the face a little more later tonight.

fun fact: in max it looks like an octopus who is really disturbingly happy his limbs got cut off.


So after some buddies on the UE4 discord channel wanted to see some more facial expression on tiny McFire here I decided to spend the last few hours of my sunday to do just that.
Used 3dsmax’s morph targets to animate the face and set up a simple animation for it.

I baked them out as a vertex animation for ue4, which… well… innitially went horribly wrong!

Luckily a small setting was the culprit and now I can present McFlame’s more final form!

And imho every living fire needs a derpy brother!

I’ll do a video on it tomorrow or so.


Hahah, these are fantastic!

Re: the discord thumbnails - that’s awesome. I love it when things go right! I have a few more features to install on here to better serve the discord users too. (soon!)


Haha! These are really nice! :smiley: Good job!


Decided to make another derpy with a more wider face hehe.

also, here is a video that goes into a bit more detail on the materials & cascade part.


Now you just need to bake some bacon and eggs.

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This is amazing, great job.

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@bgolusif I had time, I’d so do that :slight_smile:

I just noticed that Klemen also did a calcifer a while back, and it looks really amazing. (also has a breakdown)

Haha this is great! Now you need a angry version


here is an ue4 4.16 project version of the Calcifire flame.

I changed some materials & setups a liiiittle, but its near 1:1 of the gifs.
enjoy :slight_smile: