Luos's Low Poly Particle Pack

Hello fellow vfx-ians, I released a new UE4 marketplace package!

I had a lot of fun making this Low Poly Particle package, I never really tried to do anything in this style but it did come rather natural to me. (at least, I’d like to think so hehe)
Besides a few small things (mostly 4.16 limitations with shaders) it was a lot of smooth sailing.

The pack is now released and available on the UE4 marketplace!

and as some of you might know, the recent vfx Sketch #10 was about campfire, and while its also available in this package, I also released it as a stand alone (free) package.
Which you can check out here:



Congrats! I hope to have a number of packs like you one day. Must be a great feeling. Cheers.

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