VFX Sketch #10: Winners and Badges!

Being our biggest Sketch yet with over 20 participants, congrats to everyone who participated! We saw a wide range of super cool and creative entries this time around that had us burning for more. Let’s get to the winners! (most likes and overall buzz)

1st Place: @jqarlsson

Check out @jqarlsson’s comprehensive WIP and breakdown here: Sketch #10: jqarlsson

2nd Place: @Luos_83

Also be sure to check out @Luos_83’s WIP thread here which includes his entire UE4 scene with materials!: Sketch #10: Luos

If you didn’t have the time to get your entry in or make as much progress as you would have liked, feel free to continue to iterate and work on last months entry! Alternatively, if you would like a fresh new challenge, be sure to check out this months which will be posted shortly!

Thanks again to all those who participated this past March. We’ll be dishing out your badges to your profiles shortly! We’ll see you in the next sketch! :fire:


I gotta say, there where quite a few very interesting submissions for the campfire sketch.
There are (imho) only a few games where fire is portrayed properly and not just some sketchy noise texture colored orangey red.

so to see a lot of us vfx artists tackle this effect was really inspiring and insightful.
Thank you all for participating :slight_smile:


It was a fun and very scalable sketch :slight_smile: I’m really looking forward to hearing what the next will be!


Nice job you guys! This was my first sketch, and it was really really informative. I cant wait for the next one.

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