Ribbon FX Shader Help UE4

Hi everyone,
i have been learning RTVFX ,
and i was following Trails Tutorials from 1MaFX](https://www.youtube.com/c/1MaFX)

but i am having hard time achieving the quality result’s shown in his video’s
Trail’s Tutorial

i am able to get desired Result from SD while creating the Texture’s
and i believe i am messing up on the shader part
i know the basic concept of Animating Uv’s via Shader’s using noises but i am not able to achieve the quality at the end.

here are the screenshot’s of my Shader

Here is the short video of Niagara System

Few things i am noticing here

  1. How sharply my trails are cutting off at the end(maybe this can be solved if i multiply a linear gradientin alpha in shader? )
  2. mine is a single colored(basically red) at the moment ,how can i add color which changes with trail distance?

All of your suggestion is highly appreciated,

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There’s always more then one way to skin a cat, but a simple solution would be to add a Scale Color node to your emitter, under Particle Update. Then you can set the Scale RGB to Vector from Curve and set the CurveIndex to Particles RibbonLinkOrder. Then set the Scale Alpha to Float from Curve and change it’s CurveIndex to Particles RibbonLinkOrder. Now the curves can be set where 0 to 1 in X is the start to end of the ribbon and Y is the value.

Hope this helps

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Thank you so much for help.

i’ll try it this weekend .