Realtime Tesla Gun VFX - Unreal4

Created by blueprint and Niagara in Unreal 4.

hope you guys enjoy :slight_smile:


looks great with sound… just add more on hit impact.:slight_smile:

thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:
Maybe I should spend more time on polishing the details :smile:

Great, are they ribbons? Is the dissolve a shader or scaling the ribbons?

Really cool, good work!

Thanks, its not ribbons actually, I dynamically create the spline meshes with blueprint instead of spawn ribbons.
all the dissolve and vertex displacement were done in a shader.

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Really nice feeling electricity, especially the movement and fadeout that breaks into smaller pieces.

One thing I’d love to see in here though would be some stray bolts with ends that crawl near the target, or where the middle of the bolt gets too close to some other surface.

Glad you noted these details, yes I bring target object’s normal to calculate the electric’s trend so the bolts will never move to wrong direction. All the bolts have tendency to move away from the target object :wink: