Pop2corn - Sketch #05 Concentrated pulse beam


Here’s my participation for the VFX Sketch #05 !
That was a good exercice to try new things during our spare time, my friend @Bory and I to complete this FX.
I guess I am happy with it.

I don’t really have any wip to show sadly, I totally forgot. The only thing I have is a little WIP when some part of the FX is set and with no timing:

The final version here:

Feedback is welcome !


Loving the bold colors, timing, and overall gentleness.
Great work :slight_smile:


Nice work! Pretty powerful.


Beautiful colors and intensity :heart_eyes:


Nice ! Very cool effect !

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I think my favorite part is the close-down of the beam. The super hot edges narrowing down and then poof! trail of stars.
Very nice.


These blue lines are pre-modeled meshes, right?

Thanks everyone, I am glad you like it !

@BalanceFiend Yes they are. I used ribbon the first time, but the result wasn’t good…
The blue pre-modeled meshes

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So beautiful ! I’ve done almost the same before


Omg, you know that you were our main reference xD ?

We didn’t know who made the effect but it was soo cool and we didn’t know how to make some part of this fx when we started, so we took your work as reference !

Thank you for your work, great source of learning for us and very inspiring! ^^

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Gotta say though, not really cool that you forgot to mention you used someone elses work as a base.
Especially for a VFX sketch.

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While we didn’t establish any rules on this with the sketches, since they are meant to be a “learning platform” rather than a super competitive platform like the “great transmutator” sponsored competition, I do see it reasonable to mention sources that were used. It helps the original artist through recognition; it helps the community because they can better guide them knowing their references, and it helps the artist recreating the work with those in tow, receiving better feedback and having a clean conscious :smiley:

It’s mostly my fault for not mentioning it in the rules, and overall being quite lenient with them anyways. I’ll add in a rule line to make sure people mention sources, just because it’s a good idea to do that when working on something! As it’s “personal work” and meant to be a learning platform, I have no problem with this, but definitely stand by you @Luos_83, sources need to be cited!

For all the muricans out there, have a happy and safe 4th! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :tada:

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By the way, what is the best approach of making lit alpha blended particles for Smoke and etc. with unity?

My apologies forgetting to mention the reference, will be the first and last time happening.

If there’s any problem regarding the sketch @Luos_83, I will delete thread, vidéo and my account if needed, I am here for learning purpose as student so it doesn’t bother me to do so.

@BalanceFiend : Use the depth blend node, like here

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No worries, its just common courtesy to mention sources or at least show where you got the inspiration.
No need to delete threads, videos, or accounts man.

that be even less cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless if you recreated it from another gif, you still nailed the visuals and timing.
Something I still struggle with myself.

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Thx, but I meant that how do you make particles react to lighting? Found this solution - blog.cokane.com - Lit particles in Unity with Shader Forge

But it’s not quite correct, can’t use Light attenuation and directional light.